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Thread: child support

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    child support

    let's say an escort gets pregnant....and somehows she find out who the father is....can she claim child support if the child was fathered through escorting....

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    how is this thoughtless? explain that to me... i remember someone posting that they had a paternity suit in brazil....

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    First of doesn't matter how a child was conceived. If the woman can prove who the father is she can always sue for child support.

    Second thing...don't you have any friends to talk with to save us from all these useless threads you're starting??? Or maybe just start one thread and post everything there? You could call it 'robertpals' ramblings' or something.
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    that's fine

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    do u know mick jagger had to pay 10000 per month in child support....and p diddy 22,000 per month. even a guy earning 160k had to pay 2500 per month in child support. something to think about might want to finish in the mouth next time.

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