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Thread: Big night? and which hotel?

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    Big night? and which hotel?

    A couple weeks ago I spent a couple nights in montreal and had a great time. I'm not new to the hobby but am new to Montreal and found the services excellent: easy to set up, easy to negotiate, and easy to afford (relatively speaking). My plans were a little loose so I didn't go for an independent, which I normally would, but set up a Friday night late-date (3 am) with Devilish (Kate) and a Saturday date via Eleganza (Stella). I had a great time with both women--attractive, genuine, smart, and fun.
    So I'm coming back for more. Last time I stayed at the intercontinental in a nice corner room. I've read a few complaints on-line about the service there, but I found it to be a very attractive hotel with easy parking. And it looked like it would be fine for single women to walk through late at night. (As opposed, say, to the St. James around the corner--beautiful spot, maybe a little indiscreet.) Next time I think I'll mix it up a bit. So here are my two questions: I'd like to try a different hotel, either in the old town or near McGill. I'm looking at the Marriott, maybe the Omni, maybe the Hyatt. For hobbying I prefer a mid-to-large hotel (150 rooms+) with a business-feel; not a family or boutique place. I like feeling anonymous, for obvious reasons. So, any suggestions or recommendations? The Loews and W are just a little too expensive for me--I'm trying to keep it around $200.
    And second, how quiet is Sunday night? I may choose Sunday, in part because the rates are low, but I know that Eleganza doesn't do much on that night. How about Devilish? Am I better off picking another night?

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    More on which hotel

    My experience with one famous place the Queen Elizabeth was that there was not a lot of sound privacy with the adjoining room. So I am also interested in suggestions for a $150 night hotel in downtown St Catherine area. Possibly with a nice restaurant in the hotel for pre-dessert dinner date.

    Probably for those prices I have to learn how to bid on Priceline or whatever it`s called.

    Also for similar reasons, I am also wondering about availabilities of good SP`s on a Sunday night.

    I came across this poll thread What`s Your Favorite Hotel In Montreal? but didn`t have time to study it. Perhaps you will find some good info there, talkinghead. I will have a look too when I get a chance.

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    It's really worth your while to learn the Priceline approach. See the hotel bidding thread. As for Sunday night - I think you should best avoid it unless you are pre-booking an indie.

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    priceline hyatt 40 bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertpal
    priceline hyatt 40 bucks
    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm
    I just checked bidding for travel u wont get the hyatt for 40$ u can forget that

    How dare you question Mr. Research!

    He must be correct that the Hyatt can be had for $40... he just didn't say which of the 1,000's of Hyatt hotels worldwide he was talking about!

    In awe of Mr. Researches' abilities,

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    Hyatt Regency Montreal

    1255 Jeanne Mance Street
    Montreal, QC H5B 1E5
    I got $40 dollars there several times....not research.
    Just put downtown montreal 4 stars.... put in 40 and if it doesn't go through then do 3 stars and u will definately get something.
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