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Thread: Normal procedure for 2hr visit?

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    Normal procedure for 2hr visit?

    Yup, a newb question here. Couldn`t find anything via search. I`ve only been for 1hr with serina of companions, an incall and a couple of fs stripclubs.

    I have my first 2hr appointment with a hdh later this month (french kiss society) and was wondering what the drill normally is over the 2hr period? What I mean is, after the first sog do you normally take a shower and then head for round 2, or does this depend on the provider?

    Based on my 1hr experiences, I`m guessing 15min of chat, around 30min b4 first sog, and then at least 20min before I can even think of a 2nd sog, which doesn`t leave much time for another round and then a final shower. Maybe I should`ve booked 3hrs for my first hdh experience (well serina counts too, but was only 1hr and yeah she`s ).

    Thx for any tips.

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    I can usually only manage 2 SOG`s in two hours anyway (I`m in my late fifties). Your schedule is pretty close to what normally happens with me, although my turnaround time is definitely longer than 20 minutes.

    My intermissions usually consist of chatting and wine. When it becomes obvious that the next round is about to start, I excuse myself, take a leak and wash my privates, since I always book ladies who provide .
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    Lightbulb Show her a good time

    What I usually like to do during my downtime is exchange some massage while chatting, then when the equipment is getting close to a comeback I get her fired up with some DATY. The better the mood she`s in, the better the next round of service (especially if I`m asking for a second before the FS). Just because we men can`t come as often as they can is no reason that they shouldn`t
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    I don't like the 2 hrs thing. the 2nd sog usually is not as good or as sensitive with the condom on.

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    Treat her like any lady you know intimately. Take your time, the longer "dates" is what really makes the whole session GFE.

    The object of an extended session is not how many sog you can get, but how much the whole experience seems to reflect a real encounter with a special friend.

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    I'm only in my early 30s and sometimes can muster 2 sog, sometimes 1. Usually it's easier to reach 2 sog if you've been with the provider before (more comfortable - less time chit chatting). I don't plan on 2, just go with the flow and you'll enjoy your sog(s) all the more.

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    Personally I prefer book 2x1 hour instead of 2 hours in a raw. I guess that the second service is never as good as the first one IMHO.

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    thanks for the replies guys. Guess I should just take it as it comes rather than plot out the 2hrs. Don't the girls want you to take a shower or wipe yourself down when you dispose of the condom after the 1st sog?

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    Depends on the mood, sometimes I want to take a shower with my date, other times I let him relax, dispose of the condom myself, and come back with a nice soapy hand and a hot face cloth, and still other times I let him go clean himself off.

    Don't plan so much and just go with the flow, you will have a much more enjoyable time this way.

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