Witht all the controvery around NFL futbol, how about a bit of fresh air with the NCAA championship series, let me start with some predictions:

By major Conference:

Atlantic Conference: Boston College, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Florida State are the cream of a conference that is tough but use to be tougher! I will go with Boston College although Virginia Tech has alot of support and sentimental support behinf them. Did anyone ctach the first home game of Vtech, Wow! They will probably take it, Anything not to see a team from Florida in the Champioship series

Big 12: Texas, Oklahoma & Nebraska at the top with Texas outlasting Oklahoma on the strech just as they did USC 3 years ago

Big East: If West Viginia does not take this conference with the opostion as it stands this year I will change my name to Rudolf and play dead for treats! Still watch out for Louiville, they lost to Kentucky on a classic match up but still they are the other contender of the conference.

Big 10: What happend to Michigan! Thanks Good for Notre Dame!. The conference use to be tougher, I guess alot of rebuilding going on, still Ohio State, Winsconsin and Pen State migth make anyone playing them shake. I'm going with Winsconsin.

Conference USA: Oh how I would like to see Marshall with the personel to compete, what a story that will make. Still Menphis and Southern Miss on a battle that Menphis takes, is my opinion.

Mid America: I'm going with Buffalo all the way here, I just do not know the quality of the other teams in the conference enough to venture a guess on the competition.

Mountain West: There was a time that BYU and Colorado State were it, no more, unforutunately the conference is not yet there to compete with the others, still my sentimental favorite (major confeneces) has to be San Diego States (GO Asteks!). Still logic dictates that UNLV, Utah and BYU play for supremacy.

Pacific 10: To me, the best conference, no questions asked, I like UCLA, Oregon State, California, Washington, Standford, Oregon, and Washington State anytime against most teams in the other conferences. In fact other than the teams from Arizona, the conference is stacked! Still the top of a quality conference for a while has been USC and it will continue, there is no reason to doubt that.

SEC: If there is a contender for top conference to the PAC-10 is the SEC, still this is really 2 conferences in one, the West and the East, each a powerfull conference on its own rigth. I like Alabama, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn and Georgia. I hate Florida, anything but a Florida team please!!!! Still LSU and Florida will have to decide this one and am betting, hoping for LSU!

Sun Belt: Really! If someone has a clue illuminate me, I do not!

Western Athletic: Idaho, Boise State and the surprising Hawaii make the best in this conference with Boise State taking honours, cause futbol was never made to be played beside the pinapple grows.

At the end this are my top 5 teams towards the BCS:

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Oklahoma
4. Virginia Tech
5. Florida

There you go, what are your picks?