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Thread: Delayed Ejaculation

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    Delayed Ejaculation

    Have you ever heard of the 'Delayed Ejaculation' disorder?

    Often the girl feels insulted, and it really sucks!

    I am having this problem, and I've tried everything from massage parlours to escorts... rarely do I ejaculate! ... except when I masturbate.

    Does anyone of you have had this disorder?

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    Red face You are not alone

    1st, realize that you are meeting escorts, sex trade professionals. Many times, men meet these ladies either to improve their sexual skills or because the pressure to perform is not the same as with a "real-world" woman.

    Condoms are a big barrier. Many other factors can come into play. I would know , however things are getting better all the time.

    Here are a few tips:
    • Many times, delayed ejaculation is accompanied by very durable erections, which are a bonus. Transform your liability into an asset: tell the lady you may not come during intercourse, but that you still like it, and her. Have intercourse and concentrate on both having fun yourself, and giving your partner pleasure. Do not worry if YOU come. If she does, you're more than halfway there and your self-esteem will have made a new leap.
    • After she has recovered, lie side by side with your girl and start making out, touching and kissing, while masturbating. Concentrate on her beauty and sexiness. If you do come (probably you will), you will notice the sensation of satisfaction is almost the same as from intercourse, and totally different than solitary masturbation. The girl will also appreciate that it was your enthrallment with her that got you off.
    • If you are having trouble with oral sex, try this: have the girl work on you (either the tip of your penis or the base and balls), while you "help along" with your hand.
    These "exercises" are meant to be steps towards achieving orgasm either with condom and penetration, or fellation. But in the meantime, you will have fun and the ladies will know they are bringing you pleasure.

    I wish someone had told ME these things and I didn't have to agonize and come up with them on my own. A few ladies have helped along the way. You know who you are, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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    I have met many with this problem...

    I suspect one of the issues is that they have the time limit in the back of their mind.

    Another reason is that some people just need more time and stimulation to orgasm...

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    I don't know if this is a problem at all. I have to be in the right mood to be orgasm and sometimes she just doesn't create the right mood for me.

    I also don't want just any orgasm, I want a quality one and those are few and far in between.

    At German FKK clubs the selection of f'able women is sometimes so large that it becomes an issue to be able to discriminate between ones I will orgasm with and those I will not orgasm with.

    If I orgasm too often, I can't test the rest of the selection. I have to practice selective orgasming otherwise I run out of steam.

    And at a German Partytreff where you can "do it with whoever you want to, whenever you want to and as often as you want to", orgasming each time you are with someone just isn't a good idea.

    My personal record at one of these of these clubs is fourteen sessions in the span of a 12 hour stay. It is next to impossible to imagining myself orgasming fourteen times.

    Hence selective orgasming. Its like fishing and bagging a fish which isn't big enough. I look it over and toss it back.

    There are some women who are concerned when you don't orgasm with them. Guess what? I've learned to fake it.

    Its not easy to fake it, but its doable. Just make sure she doesn't see that you didn't fill the condom at the end.
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    I re-read the link and realized that this disorder deals with being able to come while masturbating but not during intercourse.

    This is an entirely different thing than what I was thinking about.

    I can come during intercourse. I don't always choose to for reasons given above.

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    Thanks for the replies. Very interesting!

    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm
    Just leave Junior alone for a few weeks sensation comes back.
    Leaving Junior a few weeks for a few weeks? Are you crazy!

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    usually, delaying my ejaculation is what my girls want....

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    I think it's important for the girl to ease the tension of the rendez vous by taking the time to make him feel at ease with that person. For me it has always been talking and of course showing the guy that I am having fun also. A girl I knew onced complained that she was being refused a lot, so I suggested she change her approach and not be so cold with the guy. Unfortunaltly being an sp is not for everyone, besides you still have to love what your doing, even though it is called work

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    Merci pour les compliments J'aime ce nom aussi

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    Yes, got that problem also sometimes. At the beginning, I thought it could be lack of stimulation. But I've noticed that it was really NOT the case after encountering beautiful, gorgeous, hot and naughty girls. I would say that maybe the stress of knowing that I have a time limit can play in it and also using a condom is not the same thing; especially when you're not have been using them for 6 years before that being in a relationship. And also, I must say that my ex was tight as hell... So I'm used to that! Tightness of the girl must seriously be a factor for me!

    Anyways, I had both kind of feedback on that. I had two girls that we're disapointed that I didn't came or we're exausted because it took like 45-50 min. before I came. But most didn't complain about it and in fact this helped them to obtain their orgasmn. Most of the girls around here that I've encountered told me that they didn't understand why I was alone (that's because I looove women and want to take my time to find the perfect girl: beautiful, smart, fun, sporting and great sex - so question answered, girls! And good luck to me!) and some told me that they never had been f... like that before. And I'm not playing the big head now, just repeating what they're saying. But must say that it really helped my self esteem lately. Anyways, this is beside the point... So, I guess this issue has bad points, but for me it was mostly good! At the end, what's important is that you had fun, the girl has fun and of course you want to come. But not sure that doing this in 2 min. is any better! If it takes a while... Just stop a bit, kiss, play with the Y... and start over again.
    If you do bad things, do it well! If you make love, make it great!!

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    I wish ..

    I wish i could have delayed ejaculation .. at least its better than premature ejaculation!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ichiban
    Have you ever heard of the 'Delayed Ejaculation' disorder?

    Often the girl feels insulted, and it really sucks!

    I am having this problem, and I've tried everything from massage parlours to escorts... rarely do I ejaculate! ... except when I masturbate.

    Does anyone of you have had this disorder?
    Well it take me like 15-20 mins to ejaculate, and this has insulted a girl in the past. But, honestly the fact that your hard should be enough to tell them that "hey obviously something is making you that way"

    If you really weren't attracted to the girl you wouldn't be hard right/?

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    Once usually goes ok. I have no problem getting hard but hardly ever finish a second time. I usually give the girl a good ride until I'm tired. A recent time, for no lack of trying, I didn't even finish the first time. I am wondering if it might be I had not been taking a B vitamin complex like I usually do. So maybe try to up your vitamin intake.

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    Not a problen but an excuse for more play!

    'Delayed Ejaculation'

    This is not a problen but a matter of learning how to be aware of your desire level. ( you have to be willing to enjoy sex slowlly) and to do stop star masturbation tecniques. Just masturbate a lot and before you know, you gone be a genious at going on and on and on all night long ! Just hope that your partner is reciprocal.

    You can also do kegels to make your pelvic muscles stronger this way you will began having multiple orgasms without ejaculation, which is called tranta sex. Just try it, you will love it!
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    Interesting thread, speaking of Fakeing it

    I will add another wrinkle to the discussion, a certain Male operation will leave you with the inability to Ejaculate at all and in about 50% of the cases leave you unable to get hard (with out some sort of medical help). One doesn't need to get hard to Orgasm, and if you don't produce any ejaculate to begin with the ability to "fake it" become very easy

    Now that "hard" factor In many cases the common ED prescriptions won't work for you after the operation, especially if you have used them before the Op. So that leaves "The Porn Stars, Drug of Choice" .... You didn't think they could F#*K for hours naturally did you

    My General experience here is as follows, meet lovely young SP and start with convo. and fore play... then "injection time" after about 10 to 20 minutes more foreplay "junior" is ready to go, man of steel hard ... on for the ride 20 to 30 minutes later it is O time ... I should mention here that the O is like 3 or more times intense than before the op ( the Doc did connect some thing right)
    Now the "Porn Star Part" and some ladies like it and some do not (a lot more like it than don't)... after the first big O the erection dosn't just go away some more convo. a clean up and time to relax then it on to round 2, and 3 and the injections can be gaged, dosed to make you last 3 or 4 hours or more !!!!! Medical professionals tell you that erections of more than 4 hours can damage the equipment so proceed with caution and only under the guidance of a DR

    Loki318 ....... Needless to say I no longer book single hr appointments.

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