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Thread: Glory Hole in Montreal

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    Glory Hole in Montreal

    Hi folks, just curious to know if there are any glory holes in the montreal area.
    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    As far as I know....................

    ................Glory holes are a thing of the past here in Montreal. It is because if you do things a certian way and out of the sight of the public in Montreal that you could just about get away with anything here. An old geezer told me that there were glory holes in Montreal in the 50s and maybe up till the early 60s. These were in bars or depaneurs, the patrons would go into the back room or would sit at a quiet secluded table and get a HJ or a BJ under the table or through a hole in the wall. Theis would allow the client and the SP the luxury of annonymity. ( good lord ! Could it be there have been occasions where Jean-guy got BJs from Marie-Claire and not even know that it was his aunt, mother or sister? )
    I have also heard that glory holes still exist down in the American south, because the laws are so much stiffer ( no pun intended ) down in the bible belt.

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    you can find glory hall in many place ..downtowm montreal...but they are most of them...for gay (men) most are in Sauna...but i dont know their friend have so many good history came of those famous hole in a wall.

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    The swinger club, Club 3333, has one. Perhaps some other swinger clubs do also, that is the only place I would expect to see a non-gay glory hole.

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