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Thread: Nightclub question?

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    Nightclub question?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm gonna be in Montreal with a few out-of-town friends in two weeks time.
    Since none of them have been to montreal before, we thought we'd do the strip clubs and Nightclubs over the weekend.

    Although I'm quite familiar with the Toronto scene, i've never experienced the Montreal nightlife or adult entertainment industry.
    I have reviewed prior threads so i have a pretty good idea as to which stripclubs i want to visit. I was hoping someone could recommend one or two really good nightclubs in the downtown area to get things warmed up. I have searched the net and there are like hundered of nightclubs in Montreal.

    Since these guys have never been to Canada before, i want to make sure they really enjoy themselves.

    Critera for nightclub:

    1/ great music
    2/ hot chicks
    3/ good chance of scoring
    4/ Great atmosphere

    Your recommendations are truely appreciated

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    I need the answer:

    1-Great music: What kind? (hip-hop?, rock?)
    2-hot chick : How old you looking for? (around 18-26 or 18-55)
    3-good chance of scoring :Call an agency.
    4-Great atmosphere: Looking for white or black or yellow or arabic chick?

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    Thanks for responding everyone. If anyone else has any recommendations please post it or send me a pm.

    Man911 - check your pm, thanks.

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    Re: Depends...

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by chercherfemmes

    If you can manage a bit of French, then the Plateau area has a lot of cool bars.

    Where is The Plateau area? Maybe if I ever get back to Montreal I'll give it a try.

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    Ajay, I'd suggest Crescent Street between St. Catherine's and De Maissoneuve(sp?). There's pretty much something for everyone there. Just barhop up and down the street and linger if it feels right.

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