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Thread: Future Shop...F**KING A**HOLES

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    Future Shop...F**KING A**HOLES

    Ok, another pointless rant, but I have to see if I'm alone with this opinion.
    Has anybody else used the future shop web site to browse? They have to have the most useless,annoying site on the web, with the exception of Bell. More than half of the time when using the "Search" feature, I'm rewarded with an "unable to find results for " " search. Try using our advanced search" This is for an item advertised in their flyer! Doing a manual search through the department section will occasionally produce results, but I'm sorry, I don't have time to read 36 pages of cd's by artists whose name starts with "A". Then you've got the "check store availability" feature. It's only in stock on the other end of the island? Hopefully traffic is moving. So when I get there, only to find out that product "XYZ", HASN'T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET!!! won't take me long to get home again. Why didn't I call? I did. The result? Pick one.

    A: Nobody answered after 20 rings
    B: "There's nobody in that department today."
    C: "I don't know, this isn't my department. Can you call back?"
    D: "Sure we have lots of them" Bullsh*t
    E: "I'll put you on hold. Let me go and check..." for 20 minutes, then I'll disconnect you.

    The boneheads who work there aren't much better in person. Ask about a product, especially TV's or computers, and the salesperson will proudly recite, word for word, exactly what the info tag says. Yeah, uh, I can read too. Now explain what all these wonderful features mean. This usually results in a blank stare, and a call for another salesperson. Pricetags are virtually meaningless to the cashiers.!!!!ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!!!! I can't remember how many times I've had to point out the discrepencies between the pricetag and the price on the screen. "I DON'T CARE WHAT THE COMPUTER SAYS IT COSTS! THE PRICETAG AND YOUR OWN FLYER HERE IN MY HAND, SAYS IT"S ON SALE!

    Last but not least are the prices. Don't try to get them to honour their "Price match plus 10%" policy. All they do is say that "that store isn't on our list of competitors". HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? YOU PROBABLY COULDN'T FIND YOUR OWN ASS! NEVERMIND A LIST! SHOULDN'T YOU BE DOING YOUR HOMEWORK OR SOMETHING? As for regular priced items, if you shop around, even just with the publi sac flyers, you can usually get a better deal elsewhere on almost all big ticket items, TV's, stereo's, DVD player's, etc.

    So how do you feel about "Futile Shop"?
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    There are laws in Quebec about pricing accuracies. If the price the cashier charges you is incorrect - they need to compensate you.


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    I've bought a lot of electronic stuff from Best Buy ever since they came to MTL. I don't understand why they bought Futur Shop and then decided to open Best Buy stores. And very often they are situated right next to each other.

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    glans very often electronic stores advertise a special in a flyer and they only allocate a few (very few) items to be sold in that location. Purpose is so a) no false advertising rap can be thrust upon them, so they can claim that they did sell it at that location for that price and b) to draw clients into the store Note: Usually they print it on the flyer itself something along the lines of "Limited Quantities" Not poor planning at all, just the aforementioned.

    If you believe that Future Shop or any retailer contravened Canada's fair pricing laws, then I suggest that you contact Competition Bureau of Canada at the following address;

    Whenever I need a battery for my cordless phone, I always bring in the battery itself because of the physical configuartion to fit inside the handset (could be a knockoff no name brand), and also to make sure that the voltage and wattage are the same as the original.

    There is a dollar store in Cote des Neiges Plaza (lower level) that sells cordless phone batteries (generic, no name brands) that don't last as long but they only cost $5.99, the last time that I was there.
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    MG_mtl, it's splitting the market and fooling customers! Lots of peoples don't know Best Buy and Future are owned by same group. So you say "Ok Future, you're an asshole! I'll go next door to Best Buy." They're laughing like crasy! Your money will end-up in the same pockets!

    In Québec, when an item is on sale and advertised, if there's a limited quantity of the item avaliable, that quantity must be listed. Stating "limited quantity" doesn't cut it. Unless this is done, the seller must ensure they have the stock to cover the duration of the sale, or offer rain checks, or a superior product for the same sale price. Why isn't Future doing this? Nobody complain! It's then worth it for them to just pay the odd penalty and keep doing the same illegal stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glans
    Can you say Bait and Switch?
    Glans, agree with you wholeheartedly. If you do a little research on the product you want, you will be rewarded immensely and and know more than anyone who works there. This is why I have not bought anything electronic at FS in over 3 years, and even then it used ot be only for products I had researched on the specs and found were cheaper at FS than anywhere else by a large sum. Otherwise, I prefer to spend $10 more on a store where people know at least something about the gizmo I want and can give me some service.

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    MG_mtl, metoo4 is correct that FS was bought out by Best Buy. Lots of national retailers do this to corner the market as best they can. Zellers & The Bay for example even though they aren't catering to the same customer, they have a lot of the same supply base, thus allowing themselves volume discounts on purchased items. Furthermore, older FS floor staff is working on commissions whereas Best Buy's staff is not at all working on commissions.

    metoo4 the Canadian agency that monitors abuses of pricing, etc is a huge department and well funded and the provincial one is not so a lot of times they as a result need to defer to the fed dept

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    Quote Originally Posted by MG_mtl
    I've bought a lot of electronic stuff from Best Buy ever since they came to MTL. I don't understand why they bought Futur Shop and then decided to open Best Buy stores. And very often they are situated right next to each other.

    Not many people know its the same owner

    FS has employees on commission so they hassle you

    BB no commission no hassle

    Take your pick

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    I have a few comments to make to mtwallet.

    First off yes, futureshop and best buy are the same people. You can only protect yourself by reading the extended warranty fine print, mae sure you are up to date on all opc laws etc.

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