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Thread: Articles on Montreal sexual side

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    Articles on Montreal sexual side
    Sex Chronicles - The Sex Industry - The Grand Prix Sex Circuit
    Please note that Yellow Pages Group and do not endorse illegal activities. All facts stated in this article are subject to change.

    - By Leonardo Calcagno asked journalist Leonardo Calcagno to get the dirt on what happens behind the scenes during Grand Prix weekend. He talked with the head of a Montreal escort agency about the other circuit. The sex circuit that revolves around Formula 1 racing.

    Oil changing sex games like Lubricating "The Machine"; Ferrari aficionado S&M parties; deals signed with a sex party as a bonus. Well, you get the idea! This is Montreal 's Grand Prix spectacle that you don't get to watch and experience. This is just a small sample of the Grand Prix sex circuit that John's escort agency provides.

    John (not his real name) has had all kinds of requests go through his busy cell phone in the month leading up to Montreal Grand Prix weekend. "It's been a busy month. People from around the world are asking me about special vacation deals," he says while we order a couple of beers.

    What kind of services do you provide during the Grand Prix?
    For five days every year I provide sex anytime and anywhere during Formula One. I can get anything you desire. I get calls from tours and Formula One organizers looking for girls or guys. I'll send them to hotels for private parties or just for a quick fix. You get all kind of freaks.

    Freaks? Can you give some examples?
    I should say, different tastes. You get all kinds. Ferrari fetishism: they have sex with girls all dressed in red leather while getting whipped with a Ferrari buckle; Getting sex or oral sex or a hand job while watching the race on TV; Gay "lubrication" parties implicating big, strong oil changers. Got to say that the gay parties are more fun. They have all these customs, decorations and props at their parties.

    So nothing out of the ordinary?
    No. Just simple fetishism. It doesn't hurt anybody. We refuse any zoophilia [sex with animals] or pedophilia [sex with minors] requests.

    How come you're not in the Yellow Pages?
    We don't want to have any problems with the city or Formula One organizers. They may be pressured by city officials to ban our services.

    Where do you get your clients?
    Our clients are regulars or are referred to us by trustworthy clients.

    Are some car girls (hot girls that you see walking half naked at the Formula One Grand Prix showing products or cars) involved in this sex circuit?

    Some of them, yes! They get paid a "business bonus" when a big contract is signed. Some companies give a bottle of fine wine, some give out sex. [Laughs]

    Price Range
    How much does it cost?
    It all depends. If you are looking for a quick fix, it's $100-$300; all night $2,000; Private party $4,000-$10,000, you get two girls. It depends on how many people are involved. It's expensive because I have to send security with them. A five-day escort can go up to $10,000 and you must pay for his/her personal expenses.

    How much money do you make in five days?
    It can be 150K after paying the staff and expenses. Girls/Guys, depending what they might do, 15K-25K plus tips.

    Impressive. Is there a Grand Prix sex circuit?
    Yes and no! In some countries like Hungary, the local authorities legalized prostitution for three days for the duration of the Formula One Grand Prix 2001. In Brazil and Malaysia prostitution is very tolerated. Just check your local papers a week prior to the event, and you'll find three times the ad space for adult services. Everybody in the sex industry in Montreal makes money.

    Is this a normal consequence?
    People shouldn't be shocked. All Formula One Grand Prix and big international events have some sex component attached to the festivities. Just picture this: People with a lot of money, tons of single guys drinking beer and spending money like there's no tomorrow. Horny and drunk! And they just want to have fun!
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    Sex Chronicles - The Sex Industry - The Montreal Sex Industry
    Please note that Yellow Pages Group and do not endorse illegal activities. All facts stated in this article are subject to change.

    Go anywhere in the world and all sex connoisseurs will tell you that Montreal has the best escort services and swingers' scene, the greatest sex shops, the horniest gay bars, lap dancing dancers that can melt your brain cells and the hottest porn starlets-stars in the business.

    The Quebec sex industry generates an estimated $350 million a year, and growing at a rate of four per cent a year. This is not counting indirect services such as motels and hotels, alcohol, drugs, restaurants, taxi services, among other things. Here is a small taste- very small-of the sex scene in Montreal.

    Montreal, having a more French European mentality about sex, has seen the swinging lifestyle (exchange of partners) grow in popularity over the years and is considered one of the top 10 cities in the world for swingers. The Quebec Swingers Association and swinger bars like Nuances (formerly known as L'Orage) have fought for years to make this lifestyle respected and accepted by the population. In 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada lifted a ban on swingers' clubs, effectively legalizing the activity.

    Read more about swinging in The Swingers' Lifestyle.

    There are more 5,000 escorts and 200 agencies (according to that confirm Montreal 's amazing sex appeal. The development of the escort industry has a lot to do with the law allowing 18-year-olds to drink, which is younger than in most other jurisdictions in the Canada and U.S. Because of this, Montreal is home to every horny American teen and bored workaholic from Ottawa and Toronto. French-Canadians have a reputation of being sexually open-minded. Girls are beautiful, very discreet, offer competitive prices and a vast choice of sexual delights. Also, the great number of international festivals taking place all year long attracts visitors just wanting to relax and have fun.

    Find an escort in Montreal!

    S & M
    Leather! Whips! Chains! Latex! Cuffs! Specialized S&M stores are easy to find and the staff is professional and passionate. Cabaret Cleo hosts Festish Friday every first Friday of the month. Dance to techno-industrial and '80s tunes with the regular crowd of more than 200 fetishists. The BSMD play equipment is provided, of course. Productions FS organizes various fetish events at venues throughout the city. For men only, Aigle Noir is your place to be.

    Remember S&M is about respecting people's limits!

    Lap Dancing
    Contact lap dances, what else is there to say! Starting at $10, you can't find that kind of lap dancing anywhere else in North America. Legally, of course!

    Find a strip club in Montreal!

    The Gay Scene
    Montreal is bathhouse heaven, also known as saunas in Montreal. This is how gay tourists passing through Montreal describe their gay sauna scene experience: clean, secure and friendly. The Gay Village has in a short period of time become a sexually vibrant recreational playground. Bars like Le Stud and Aigle Noir, have become the North American standard on leather and Bears (hairy men) gay bars. Mado is a well-known drag queen due to her crazy sexual bingo nights, her weekly column in ICI and her monthly sex escapade adventures in Fugues, and her own drag and cabaret bar. She has become The Village's trademark around the world when it comes to drag and nightlife. Priape, founded in Montreal in 1974 and expanded to include a Toronto store, is the leading gay store in Canada and operates its own leather shop where they manufacture leather gear. And Montreal even hosted the first World Outgames in 2006!

    XXX shops
    Montreal is number one in the sex shop industry. There is not much to say: friendly staff and an amazing selection.

    Find a sex shop in Montreal!

    Porn Industry
    Carol Cox and her company Wild Rose Productions (WRP) started the adult amateur online craze. Her appetite for sex is well-known in the industry, giving Montreal an international reputation as a sex nymph city. Carol Cox is now one of the top 400 most visited websites.

    American adult film Producer Jim Gunn (director and producer of "The Canadian Beaver Hunt" series, shot mostly in Montreal and known for his "Barely 18" feature films) had this to say: "I can say with a smile that I had a lot of fun dating or just partying with some of Canada 's finest strippers."

    The best way to discover sex services in Montreal is to surf the Net and local newspapers for any sexy events near you.
    Escorts are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get! Especially with a repeat!!!!

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