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Thread: A sad day.

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    Unhappy A sad day.

    Melissa of Candy's Delights has retired.

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    Thumbs down A tribute to two phenomenal godesses who are now retired: Melissa & Charlie!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam
    Melissa of Candy's Delights has retired.
    That, my friend, piss*** me off. It's like pouring acid on your eyes in the middle of your favourite movie ;(
    I was already frustrated by her no show for a while.
    And when, very recently, the agency confirmed that she won't show up planet suspended it's activity for a minute.
    Anyway, I guess it's better this way: she will mark our best souvenirs forever ;p
    That girl was something: never will I be able to put in words her skillful talents in bed. What a magic lover she was!

    PS: Sadly, we've just lost 2 of the best lovers of the industry: Charlie of MHA, and now Melissa at CD. Mind you, I kinda expected their retirement after a short career -> During my encounters with them, both godesses showed limited interest in the $$greens that this hobby was providing to them ... they both used to tell me that they were content with their full time jobs and life style and that hobbying was just to clear couple of debts they were not able to clear. For princesses who just wanted to clear their debts, what a phenomenal job they did! They're in the top of my "All times HALL OF FAME"!
    Thanks to both of you, magic godesses!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam
    Melissa of Candy's Delights has retired.
    They all need to go at one point or another and they're all interchangeable the same way clients are interchangeable.

    Fuck'em don't love'em.

    Happy retirement, Melissa...

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