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    behind the sceens

    I have been facinated by the amount of Quebec girls on regular porn websites. It seems it is second only to Hollywood in North America.

    I am wondering if the girls on these sites are also service providers, and if so which agencies. I think a lot of them are role playing on these sites and it would be fun to have a "roll play" service provider. Like the student looking to get better grades from the teacher and has to please by using ALL of her sexual knowledge and abilities.

    Also, do the newbies in the business get any "training" on technique, or is it all "on the job" I've had many SP's who think soley opening their legs is what they get paid for. I'm looking for an SP who excells in her business and technique,

    any suggestions?
    love the one your with!

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    I enjoy role playing!!

    And no there was no training for me when I was with an agency, though I was asked, more than once, by the agency owner, why is it that I had so many more regulars than the other girls...

    Check out my reviews and my pics on; maybe we can get together sometime.

    P.S. I used to work on ifriends.

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