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Thread: Anyone ever seduce a hotel maid?

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    Anyone ever seduce a hotel maid?

    I always wanted to be able to 'fraternize' with a nice-looking hotel maid. She comes in to clean my room, and well, you know the rest LOL.
    However, I know they have time constraints, and I assume are not allowed to commiserate with hotel guests.

    If anyone has some true stories, share them! you don't have to get into the details, and you do not need to name the hotel. Just tell what happened and how it happened.

    It did not have to happen in Montreal. But if it did, PM me the hotel!
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    Unfortunately, I've never seen a hot maid in Montreal. About the only place I've seen hot maids was in Niagara Falls. A lot of college girls there work the hotel rooms ... as maids.

    During a stay in Niagara once, I locked eyes with a cute maid who knocked on my door and wanted to clean my room. Unfortunately, I remembered thinking about Kobe Bryant, who was on trial at the time, and I left the room to let her clean it.

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    Not as exciting as you would think

    In my younger days I was what you may call a pretty boy. I was working in Europe and traveling between France, England and Germany a lot. I would normally stay at the same hotels all the time and started to get familiar with a lot of the staff. In Germany, at the hotel I was staying, was a really hot maid and she must have been at least 10-15 years older then me. Not a cougar but more like a MILF. Man did I try to get down her pants but she was always shooting me down. Of course the fact that we couldn't actually understand each other should have been a deterring factor but instead it was a major turn on. Being young and stupid and thinking oneself omnipotent I kept at it. I decided to always get her little things here and there as gifts.

    On one of my last trips I somehow convinced her to go out for dinner with me and lets just say it was great. She refused to go back to my room so we had to go back to her apartment (and no she had no kids or husband). When at the hotel she refused to do anything and god knows I tried. Till this day though, in every hotel I go if I see a hot maid I get an immediate woody

    Now if you would have asked about a bartender then I would have had a much funner story to tell you...She was in the Hotel in France and the French are a lot more liberal.
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    If I wanted to screw a chunky Spanish lady in her 40's I could go to one of the $60 in-call apartments in Union City NJ. The ones that cater to the day laborers and gets busted by immigration every Friday.
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    Never done a maid, but over the years maids in hotels the world round have certainly come into contact with hundreds of cubic litres of my ejaculate

    Does that count?


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    Never done a maid but got a maid to offer me her daughter for a price. She showed me pics of her daughter who must have been in her late teens/early 20's and she was quite cute. She told me they were immigrants to Canada & needed money & her daughter was willing to help out. But i was dumb & didn't go along with her offer. In those days, maids were getting accustomed to seeing different young women walk in & out of my room during the day & put 2-and-2 together since i kept running out of bath towels.

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    FLORIDA 1985 ESQUIRE BEECH MOTEL . there was 3 of us so i had a room alone. the maid was about the same age as me. i hit on her every day when she would come and clean . one day she started to talk to me a bit more about how she was alone and had 1 daughter and money was tight . so me being the good sport that i am offered her some money if she came back after work . so she said she would call me at 6 pm 620 ish she called me and said she cant come back but i can go there so off i went 45 dollars in a taxi get there. bang her and left left her 50.00 dollars off i went back to my motel only to cry my self to sleep why you ask ? she was so fucking ugly .

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    I stay in about 13 hotel rooms per month. Never banged a maid, or really saw one I wanted. However, once, I was buck naked napping face down on the bed and one just walked on in without so much as a knock and "hooooouuuuusekeeeeping" She kind of shreeked and left, I woke up and wondered... "what the fuck?" Luckily I wasn't face up or I would have wondered what all the laughter was all about.
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