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Thread: Is "The Game" Addictive?

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    Is "The Game" Addictive?

    Quote Originally Posted by Phin
    And my theory will never change... once these women are in this business, they never leave.
    I beg to differ. I think were that the case there would be a lot of 50 year-old hookers floating around. There are plenty of examples, even on this board, of women who have left the business.

    On the other hand, given the motivations a person might have for getting into the biz (big, fast money, confirming their low self-esteem and poor self-image, drug problems, few career options, history of sexual abuse leading to a twisted expression of sexuality, and more often than people want to admit, pimping) there are countless examples of women who retired and then came back.

    I think, and hope that some do eventually get their lives together and move on to different things, but I do wonder if some of the girls who aren't with agencies end up on the stroll, in their declining years.

    So, does anyone have evidence, even anecdotal of a girl leaving the business and becoming Suzie Homemaker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxima
    Yes! for example Xaviera Hollander...the "happy hooker".
    I can see KiKi moving on and doing volunteer work for the SPCA. Has she already moved on to better things?
    The word "better" is quite subjective, IMHO. For most of them, it is probably true that "better" is the right word when they live to see other things. But some of them really like what they do. They don't touch drugs, they stay sober and yet they like it. They are fully conscious that in some time in the future they won't probably attract as many clients but they are resourceful and often prepare themselves for other things while still in business.

    Those are really enjoyable ladies.


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