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Thread: Best and most delicious dessert

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    Best and most delicious dessert

    Since the food topic has started
    we have best souvlaki, best seafood and somewhere in the archives best steak.
    What about best and most delicious dessert.

    Since someone else would have come up with it at some point
    I will say that my favorite dessert is a nice long wet daty session, on a nice fresh clean shaven pussy.

    After that, tiramisu at le latini.

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    Just finished up on your favorite dessert, served up by Sweet Sophie. Now, I am having a chocolate explosion craving. Any suggestions for a first time visitor to Montreal?

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    RockyBeach my fellow Bostonian, you lucky basta...

    I hope to have my desert late April and lick until it melts!

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    RB, when you pay Mtl a visit, try Rockaberry. Great selection, different sorts. Second best types of pies.

    any pootang pie on menu?
    Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain... morally casual attitude.

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