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Thread: New thread for best sea food in Montreal.

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    New thread for best sea food in Montreal.

    Just tell us where the best sea food is. No opinions outside the sea food subject, please.

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    Fish..... yuck, that's not Food, that's what Food eats!

    Bob ...speaking of Beef ...when a cows laughs, does milk shoot out of its nose?

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    originally posted by bob crane

    The best seafood is the one that crawled up onto land millions of years ago, sprouted a long tail and four legs and went "moo-moo."
    I agree f*ck P.E.T.A. we were put on this earth to eat meat. Last year when I deer hunting I got a nice 6 pointer and mailed peta a pic with me and the dead deer
    No return address of course!

    please dont hurt little Nemo! EAT BEEF
    Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain... morally casual attitude.

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