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Thread: $0.11 per liter gas. Big oil company conspiracy?

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    $0.11 per liter gas. Big oil company conspiracy?

    Last friday afternoon as I headed home, I had intensions of filling up my gas tank and a 20 liter container with gas for my snow blower. I pulled into a gas staion and noticed that the price per liter at the pump was .11 cents per liter. After filling my tank and the 20 liter container I told the clerk that the price at the pump was wrong. He just told me that it was my lucky day and that he could not change the price. He told me that he had called the manger and that it was all taken care of.
    Could it be that the prices have been so high recently that the gas stayed in the tanks and was not purchased by consumers, and the big refineries are so full of gas that they had to get rid of the gas anyway they can? maybe it is a situation where there are shipments of previously purchased oil steaming up the St. Lawrence and no place to put it at the refiners or even at the tanks of the local gas station.
    I purchased a total of 95 liters at the price of 0.11 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Peterman
    I purchased a total of 95 liters at the price of 0.11 cents.
    which gaz station was this?

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    Let's see... Montréal's current gas price is probably $1.11.

    By pure coincidence, the price at the pump was $0.11.

    Can somebody spell mistake?

    Ant it's true, the clerck isn't allowed to touch the pumps programming unless he's qualified and authorized to do so.

    Why looking for conspiracy everywhere? Don't you know they all want us well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxima
    Why the need to tell the clerk? So you would be the last one to take advantage of it? Why not just let it be? These petro cies have been screwing us for so long, don't you think?
    so? where is/was this gaz station?

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    The gas station is at. Lucerne and Cremazie. I do suspect that it was a mistake now. Since there were no riots and long lone ups later that evening or the next day. Surely people would tell their friends and family and the place would have been flooded with people looking for 0.11 cent gas. I asked a clerk at another gas station obout this. he said that he thinls it is a mistake on the part of the manager. I asked him if he thinks the manager would beheld responsible fired for this mistake or fired. He said no, it happens once in a while, and the big oil companies only care about the bottom line.

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