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Thread: Happy Birthday to Redstorm !!!!

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    Happy Birthday to Redstorm !!!!

    Woo Woo !!

    Happy Happy Birthday !!!
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    Happy Birthday

    Hey Red,

    Happy birthday my friend. Hope to see you soon.


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    Happy Birthday, RS!


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    Happy Birthday Redstorm.

    Hope you can come up to Montreal soon!

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    Happy birthday Red! Hope you have a great one and a fantastic year to come.

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    Happy BDay RED !!!!!
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    At this very moment the very beautiful Annabelle and myself would like to wish Red a very happy birthday as we are just about to hop inside the nice and very warm jacuzzi in room 100 of the Chablis.

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    Hey Red, happy birthday! All the best to you!

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    Happy birthday Red, hope all your dreams come true

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    Hey Red, Have a good one! I'll have a tall one for ya! (beer of course).
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    Thank You Everyone / Merci tout le monde

    Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes.

    I hope my present of this lovely snowstorm isn't hampering anyone's plans.

    Just wanted to say that my wishes were somewhat fulfilled this year.
    The always beautiful and charming blue-eyed blonde whose name you all know is involved with many of them.

    And thanks Joe T. for making sure my heart was working today.
    But the Chablis? She deserves the best...the Place D'Armes executive suite, the Presidiential Suite at the Le Sheraton and the Wonderful Suite at the W...

    At least my Canadiens won last night against the Leafs but my Liverpool Reds lost to my hated rivlals this morning. Oh well, can't get everything I want.

    Thank you again. I managed not to sleep so much in the chatroom this year.
    It sorta helps when you rigged your keyboard to shock you when you hear the magic word.

    Enjoyed playing in the snow today and counting the days til visiting the best city in North America.

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