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Thread: Interfaces of the future... now.

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    Interfaces of the future... now.

    I stumbled upon this while browsing through Slashdot a few weeks ago and thought I'd share.

    I doubt people want to flail their arms around all day at the office. And what the synths produce qualifies as music only under Varèse's broad definition of music as being "organized sound"... otherwise I think these are neat interfaces as far as a 2 dimensional screen is concerned.
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    That is like the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report.

    I agree that such an interface will not work as it is shown.

    That interface WILL work, if you have a holodeck-type device, where the user is completely immersed in the computing environment.

    Because people naturally conceptualize ideas in terms of objects and surroundings at their NORMAL size, not a scaled down version.

    Until then, a mouse and keyboard will be just fine.

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