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Thread: Paint you wagon red!

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    Paint you wagon red!

    I have seen it again! I was at the local Harveys restarant picking up some lunch when I saw a black mazda presidio with 2 girls in it and one mean looking cock sucker in the drivers seat. One of the girls (tall, 5ft. 8 in. thin, about 25 years old wearing black leather jacket and black spandex pant with white ankle boots) came out of the car to get some burgers.
    When she came back she noticed my dog in the back seat of my truck, and she wanted to say hello to him. The other girl got out of the car and was petting the dog through the open window as well. They were both stunners, I would rate them both 8 on a scale of 10.
    I suspect that they were escorts sitting in the car and waiting for calls on their cell phones. The mean looking dude in the drivers seat must have been their pimp. I have seen this sort of situation many times. (sleasy tarted up girls in a car or van with a scum bag driving) I have always suspected that thats how business is done today. With a cell phone, a scum bag driver/pimp and a wagon load of tarts. Can anyone shed some light on this matter for me?

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    LOL "wagon load of tarts" wasn't there an episode of Bonanza that dealt with that; a wagon load of tarts invaded the Ponderosa?

    , no, ... maybe it's new cake product from Vachon
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    Thats the tittle of a movie.

    "Paint your wagons red" was the name of a movie with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood. There was a Bonanza episode with a wagon load of Ho's in the old west. I think Ben Cartwright and his boys had to defend them from the hoards of bibble ladies that wanted to tear them apart. (Gee, hope he got some goodies for his efforts!)

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