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Thread: Are you influenced by escort's names?

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    Are you influenced by escort's names?

    Hello gentlemen,

    I have a question for you.

    How much are you influenced by the name of an escort when you are in the process of choosing a lady?

    Also, what kind of names do you prefer? Realistic/girl next door kind of names or Exotic/sexy names. Do you like having the impression it could be her real name or do you prefer when it's clear that it's part of the fantasy, a product of her imagination?

    Some examples of names you appreciate could be nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazingerz
    Ça ne change rien pour moi, ce n'est pas un de mes critères de sélection. Mais comme j'aime les filles naturelles, bien j'aime bien des noms naturels aussi mais dans le fond, pour moi, ça ne change pas grand chose
    hihi... Je commence à te connaître car ta réponse ne m'étonne pas.

    Moi aussi j'ai tendance à préférer les noms plus "naturels" mais j'aime bien l'originalité également.

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    I guess if she calls herself Dirty Diana, Nasty Nancy, or Smelly Suzy, it will turn me off.


    P.S. I prefer ladies who put a little thought in their names.
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    well, names like Esther, Gertrude, or Marge might cause me to think twice

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    well, names like Esther, Gertrude, or Marge might cause me to think twice

    How about Prudence or Chastity?

    An SP's name would not influence my selection unless it was completely ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    well, names like Esther, Gertrude, or Marge might cause me to think twice
    I am partial to Big Bertha...

    Moi aussi je prefere les prenoms naturels, mais aussi ceux plus exotiques, a consonnance latino.

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    Moi aussi j'aime mieux les prénom naturel!!

    Parce que big Bertha ses pas inspirent

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    I am me, too!
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    What's in a name anyway? Aucune importance pour moi. Why? The name for the same girl mignt be different next week so, why bother? And I'm not the type to scream anybody's name besides mine when I cum!

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    Hello all,

    If her name is IHaveAGreatBodyAndIWantToFuckKorbelAllDayForFree I might consider giving the name attention.


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    I kind of guessed that names like Gertrude were not a good idea.

    But I didn't think, in general, the name was so unimportant for you guys.

    Let's hear more examples of what you like!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by La Femme
    Let's hear more examples of what you like!!
    La mujer

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    Quote Originally Posted by beautydigger
    La mujer
    This is just a nickname I chose to be incognito.

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    I would have sex with a Bertrande as long as if she wouldn't call me and left a msg" Hey it's Bertrande, miss you, pls call me..." As it happened to me with a gorgeous Guylaine...a few months ago...Mannnn....

    Pls don't say your name or your "given" one if you call ;-)))

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