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Thread: Grisette - Does anyone use this word?

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    Question Grisette - Does anyone use this word?

    Webster's (English) defines 'grisette' as a young woman combining part-time prostitution with some other occupation. It is a French word. I know that there are a lot of grisettes in Montreal.

    Is this a word that is commonly used?
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    Grisette & Lorette

    Here is more than you would ever want to know about "grisettes"-- everything is on the Internet!

    While you are in this frame of mind, here is another interesting word: "lorette"

    Lorette \Lo`rette"\, n. [F.] In France, a name for a woman who is supported by her lovers, and devotes herself to idleness, show, and pleasure; -- so called from the church of Notre Dame de Lorette, in Paris, near which many of them resided. [1913 Webster]


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