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Thread: Fairwell and take care

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    Fairwell and take care

    Hi there ladies and gentlemen. Long time since I posted anything or responded to any postings, I simply got tired of the boards and the hobby since last July. Itís rare that I visit or even think of the boards or the hobby any more.

    Whatís all of this then?

    I realized that I never said farewell to all of you and that some were wondering why the info I listed at one time on a few different places was no longer accurate. Sorry for that, but my posts are all of date now and about 3 months short of 1 full year since I updated any info.

    I also wanted to say farewell to all of you and the best of luck in your lives. Hope all of you have a great life and success in every endeavor. The hobby was fun for a bit, but now Iíve been haply in a serious relationship since September to a great lady 5yrs older than I. Life couldnít be better and love where lifeís taking me right now.

    With this in mind I want to address the following:

    1- If you are enjoying the hobby and the boards than please play safe and enjoy it.
    2- If you are using the hobby because you feel you canít get a date the normal way or have self-esteem issues than I advise you to cut yourself off from the hobby and the boards as it only makes things worse and breads laziness.

    Also I like to address the following people:

    1- To those who liked me I say thanks for your support and I love you guys. You were great friends and good people. Al the best for your future.
    2- To those who were indifferent, best of luck.
    3- To those who dislike me I regret to inform you that you are pure evil and I will have to kill your ass (just kidding, my Samuel L Jackson impression). Best of luck to you.
    4- To the Mods I say great job on the boards and all the best to you.
    All hail Emperor BDC aka Napoliano Peter Greatzetski Czaro.

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    Good on you, BDC. Glad to hear things are going so well for you. Take care.
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    Smile Happiness

    Glad to read that you have found the happiness you deserve. All the best.

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    Thanks for dropping by.
    Wishing you all the best.

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