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Thread: Advice needed!

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    Advice needed!

    Hello gentlemen,

    A recent encounter with an SP has me worried. I got oral (with a condom on) then penetrated the girl. Afterwards she gave me oral with the same condom on, and I penetrated once more. I then asked her to change the condom, which she did.

    At the end of the session I used toilet paper to remove the condom and noticed dried up blood, it seemed to be on the base of my penis, near the scrotum.

    Needless to say I was upset! I asked her if she was on her period and she said no, that she had finished it two days ago. She even wiped her p***y in front of me and no blood. I had no cuts whatsoever and after my shower there was no blood to be found. I suspect she is lying and was nearing the end of her period.

    My concern is about HIV. What is the risk in this scenario? The only time my jimmy was exposed was when she was changing the condom. These young girls sometimes don't know which way it should roll down and handle it for a while before getting it right... the danger in this is that her hands have been exposed to the fluids and she's touching the inside of the condom which will cover my jimmy.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I plan on waiting two weeks and then going to the doctor for a preliminary test.

    For the time being I am going to stop having sex period, SP or anyone else. I always use condoms with SP's, even for oral, and normally walk out without this impending doom feeling... but when there's blood involved I freak out...

    Anyways, I would love to hear from some of you on this. Anything like this ever happen to you?

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    I understand how you feel about your experience. The first advice I can give you is do not freak out. Youíre doing the right thing by stopping sex and going to the doctor, but you got to know that VIH do not jump at people. In fact, itís a pretty difficult disease to get compare to others communicable diseases like flu for instance. It really needs an opening or a door to get into your organism. Even if you got infected blood on your penis, it needs an open sore to get in. That is the reason why anal sex is more dangerous than oral sex. When a penetration happen the risks of bleeding is important so when the sperm comes in, the door is open to the VIH. Itís far from your case.

    Iím not a doctor even if Iím well trained on human biology. I learned these things after I broke a condom while having anal sex with an SP. By chance I realised the problem right away so I pump only 3-4 times unprotected. However I totally freaked out and while waiting the 3 months I did some research on sexual diseases. At some point I contacted an Aids info hotline and the guy who answer the phone really cool me down by explaining that the chances were very low since a lot of infect blood and sperm is needed to infect a guy through his penis.

    To get back to your experience, these things happen. It is very unpleasant but there is no need to stress too much about it. Relax, get check and enjoy life.

    Good luck

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    here is a sight that is made for sex workers and u can get yourself informed on plenty of things /


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    guys, thanks so much. you all made me calm down somewhat... i will go for a test after 4 weeks, i know i should wait 3 months but i will go anyways, then again after 3 months.

    however for the time being i think i will put this hobby on hold, but the bad thing is i can't even bang any other girl unless i'm positive i'm clean. i think i'm safe but just to be 100% sure and out of courtesy for other people i will not have sex... oh boy, this is gonna be a LONG wait!

    thanks again so much for your input, all of you. i called planet girls to see if that chick was working again today, her name is casey... guess what? she was! the nerve! anyways, live and learn, right?

    stay safe men.
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    I once banged an SP. When I pulled out there was little drops of blood on the condom. Yeah gros but used numerous tissues to pull out as usual but nothing wrong..didn't make anyconstact with the blood. Even if a litle drop slighty hit my skin it wouldn't be the end of the world, that too it would have to hit a cut on me.

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    Even if her blood was contaminated and you had been in contact with it, unless you had a cut or some way for the virus to come in, chances to get infected are near 0% (I understand you were wearing a condom so the tip of your penis shouldn't have been in contact with the blood).

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    blood on condom

    It has happened to me before that there is blood on my shaft from an SP. I was worried the first time it happened but then realized that its alright as long as there is no open wound.

    I have a very large meat stick, been told by some SP's that it is one of the bigger ones they seen, so it does happen when im working away that there is blood. Im sure I can cause an abortion if I dug in hard enough!

    Anyhow last night my magnum rubber broke inside a craigslist chick, and im really freaked out. hope I didnt get aids.

    I hope im ok, has this happened to many of you guys?

    Would like to know, are you guys ok,


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