BBBJ, digit health concerns


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Aug 13, 2008
, digit health concerns

Hello all, I`m new to this, in fact I just came back from my first ever pick-up in The Pointe (around Centre and Charlevoix)
``Melissa`` was born in 1988 (so she`s 19 or 20) and after parking on a quiet street, she gave me an awesome to completion (spit) and let me penetrate both holes with my probing fingers. She was slim, young and very pretty. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so. She wanted 40 up front, but I gave her 60, which is maybe why she let me probe away.
Afterwards, I considered the possible health risks. She definitely had a nasty cough, and whether it was a smoker`s hack or an actual respiratory infection, I don`t know.
Anyway, afterwards I gave Mr. Happy a good wash with soap and water, had a good shower, and used mouthwash. Also, importantly, I had a good pee. This would flush any bacteria out of my urethra, hopefully before it settles in.
In terms of STDs, I think I`m okay, as genital-genital contact is usually required. If I`m correct, the is unlikely to spread any blood borne infection unless I have a tiny skin perforation on my cock, and she has some similar lesion in her mouth. If she`s carrying a Strep or Staph infection in her sputum, again I need a lesion on my cock for it to spread, but I`m pretty sure respiratory infections normally get spread by breathing or saliva (ie: mouth to mouth), and not through skin contact, even if there was a lesion.
Any thoughts, folks? Any health care people out there who might shed some light on this? I`m pretty sure I`m okay, but it`s good to know if I need to go get tested in the near future.


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Jan 6, 2008
I am trying not to make assumptions here, but you say that she is approx. 8 months along and you mentioned that she was being followed by a doc...
I would think that if she is still working the streets, she is either still on drugs or cutting down... definitely not off.

Having been into the drugs that she would be on, I would think maybe her cough could be either from smoking a harsh drug, or it could be what happened to me when I quit.
Obviously I got sick, but I had a cough that apparently resembled TB for about a month and a half to 2 months after the initial 2 week dope sickness. (I was tested and it wasn't)
Turns out that from the inhalation of these drugs for so long, I now have chronic Bronchitis (not contageous, just need inhalers now)

So that may be all it is, if you see her again tell her to get checked for that.
The resin from the drugs settle in the lungs and stays as liquid form from the body heat, so that can also cause pnemonia which I had 2 times in my three years of use... Also causes a severe cough... Just saying this because she is more than likely a drug user especially if she is that pregnant and does not look it...

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Sep 5, 2008
is a risk for 5 STI`s

I can`t remember the link off hand, but one of the Universities published a chart showing the health risks of various sexual activities.

was considered a very low to non existant risk for HIV - but a relatively high risk for NGS, herpes, gonherrea, syphlis and chlamydia. I realize none of those are fatal, and other than the herpes, all can be cured if you take antibiotics - but they still aren`t things you want to have or pass on.

The majority of [COLOR=``Black``]bc escorts[/COLOR] don`t provide that service at all due to the relatively high risk. If a lady is willing to provide that for $60, she probably has come into contact with a number of other gentlemen for which she provided like services.

I wouldn`t get paranoid over the situation. Just see your doctor to make sure nothing is wrong.


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Aug 4, 2006
I`ve often wonderd about this too. Are you even LESS at risk if she doesn`t keep you in her mouth when you come: TC only versus TCCIM.

Anyway, I`ve got friends that have received hundreds of these over the recent few years and it seems they`ve never contacted anything at all whatsoever from it. They also do not go any further than DATY and receiving BJ. You have to be careful who you ask or what people were in what medical study as many people who do one thing, might also do other things from time to time.

I think that being a male and sticking to receiving the occasional puts you at risk only for some of these lesser STD`s, and barely that. Or am I just doing some wishful thinking ???


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Jan 11, 2008
Risk of STD


I find this thread very interesting but I still can`t appreciate what is the level of risk associated with TC. I understand it is minimal for HIV, I suspect there are more risks for the female than the male but, considering the very small amount of reported STD for people who have received a lot of , I am tempted to conclude that experts want to emphasize that there is a risk without saying the the risk is actually pretty low.

If anyone can give a range (like there is approx. a 5% chance of getting a STD, or 5% of all SPs have an STD during a year...), this would be usefull!


naughtylady said:
If she had a sore throat then it may have been an STI.
GO see your doctor! Peace of mind is priceless!



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May 23, 2005
There is absolutely no risk of HIV transmission, period, in getting a . Well, might be possible (and barely so) if the woman had a bleeding cut in her mouth and you had an open wound on your penis, in which case the whole thing sounds like it would not be much fun on either end anyway.

The risk of contracting HIV through receiving oral sex is zilch, and pretty much zilch from giving DATY, too, unless once again she is bleeding and you have weeping sores in your mouth.

Please trust me that I know what I am talking about. These issues are far too important for me to post BS here.


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Nov 9, 2003
mtl.vibe said:
Is there any type of health concerns by kissing someone? LFK OR DFK??
you mean aside from the obvious things like catching a cold or flu or mono or the like?
how about herpes (that is what cold sores are you know)

should I continue or stop here?



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Jun 4, 2009
Are there anythings that someone should be concerned of catching. Anything out of the common?


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Jul 1, 2009

I suggest anything that's worrying you should be discuss WITH A DOCTOR.
Some infections (chlamadia or herpes, by exemple) take more time to appear...
And most important, in doubt, STEER CLEAR OR COVERED!!!



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Apr 3, 2007
Hi all.

We read in many articles that in order for a man to catch something he would have to have cuts/ open wounds on his penis during an encounter with an infected partner. Only the idea of a cut on my penis gives me the chills. And then we read people say ` I had this encounter and I don`t think I had any cuts` etc. Is it just me or a cut (and especially an open wound) is something so very-very /very/ painful that there is no way you cannot miss (let alone continue having sex after you get it - and /how/ exactly do you get one???). If you are drunk or high do you have higher levels of withstanding pain? Or am I too sensitive?

Regarding in particular (insertive fellatio with a female to be exact), from what I read there seems to be a theoretical possibility to catch HIV if you have a cut/ open wound on your penis and she would have to have a *bleeding* wound on her lips/mouth. How fun is that? Or is this some fetish which I am far to conservative to accept?

Thank you and regards,