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Thread: Realy good DOLLAR stores in Montreal.

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    Realy good DOLLAR stores in Montreal.

    I am looking for realy good DOLLAR stores around Montreal. There are some dollar chains that will offer you the same merchandise in all their stores around town and then there are realy good dollar stores that offer you the same stuff plus other useful items that you can use around the house. As well as items that go for $5 to $10, but they are of better quality and worth the additional cost. I was at a realy big dollar store a few months ago near Cote Vertu, this place had a lot of items the other places did not have. It was in a shopping center with a Future Shop in it. I do not know the exact address, but I will report back when I go there. I would also like to know the location of any other realy good dollar stores around Montreal, as I am setting up house in Montreal.
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    Thats the place theat has the same stuff in every store, its all the same merchandise. In the GTA ( Toronto ) there a dollar type stores that carry the inexpensive stuff like Dollarama, as well as other items that go for $10 - $15 that are fair quality for price. Things like leather cell phone covers that sell for $5, and are simular quality to the ones they will sell the Bell cell kiosk for $30.

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    At Place Alexis Nihon, right near the Atwater Metro entrance, there is a small dollar store that also sells items for $5-$10 or so. There are some other mom & pop stores there as well. Also in the Guy-Concordia Metro, there are small stores like that. I have seen these stores usually in underground areas of the Metro.

    Though IMHO, "dollar" stores that sell $5-$10 items cease to be dollar stores, and at that point, I would rather go to Zellers, Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, etc.

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    Smile Neighbourhood

    Most neighbourhoods or districts have such stores that cater to a specific area. Going across town to shop at a "Dollar Store" defeats the purpose.

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    I asked the question a while back concerning dollar stores that have items that the ubiquitous Dollarama might have as well as other items that are unique to that store and items that are in the $5,$10 - $20 range that may be useful in the house but are good quality and value for price.
    I have just moved from the Toronto area to Montreal and I am setting up house. In Toronto there are quit a few of these deluxe dollar stores. I did not get any suggestions from the members of MERB on where I might find these places, but I guess it works both ways. Here are a few of the deluxe dollar stores I have found in Montreal.

    Village du Dollar, on 7275 Sherebrooke Street east pass the tunnel.

    ( I do not know the name ) Dollar store in a shopping center with the Future shop on Cote Vertu near Cavandish.

    ( second dollar store, Also do not know the name ) In Laval on Courboursier Avenue. In the shopping center with the Reno Depot.

    These are dollar stores where you can buy items inexpensively to use around the house that are of good value, Many items are unique to these particular stores, They also have nick-nacks and decorating items. I hope this helps some of you people that are planning a move in the next few months.

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