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Thread: Performing DATY on an SP

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    Performing DATY on an SP

    I love eating pussy but the problem is I am always scared of catching something... I wouldnt eat a girl that has a smell or if I see something weird.. but what could I catch and what should I avoid when im with an SP.

    Thanks for your help guys!! I appreciate it..

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    You should know by now that you could catch herpies, at least. A lady in my town is advertising that she's lactating and she looks HOT. I'd love to, but what kind of girl recently had a kid and is so soon after still busy doing this line of work....? But anyway, tons and tons of hobbyists do the DATY and love it. It certainly gets the girl to be very involved with you. I prefer to use my fingers and partake of her mammaries until she comes and then finish myself off with a covered full service encounter.

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    Hello Oprahs ,
    the way i think of it is that my health and life is more important then risking anything especially not knowing the person is even more risky so i suggest you dont do it if you care for yourself stay safe!.
    but if you insist then its kinda like playing russian roulette you dont know when the gun will go off. take care/

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    You guys have any alternatives you use to get her excited other than DATY? I am reluctant to go down on a SP and from what I've read the Dental Dams or Saran Wrap is a waste of time. I want to stimulate her in addition to fingering her, kissing her neck, etc. I love going down on my SO but that's been a long term relationship and I feel comfortable.

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    Unless you have bleeding gums and gengivitis, your chances of catching something isn`t even close to russian roulette (depending on what gun you use, that`s 1 out of 6). Herpes is sort`of obvious... so you can avoid catching it, you see weird marks around that area, don`t go near it. Obviously, if it doesn`t smell right, don`t force yourself either. You`re much more likely to get something from the she`s giving you than from giving her DATY. And even is close to nothing. If you`re afraid still, pick agencies and avoid Cr or Annon123; that`s already a good safer start; also you can always inquire about how often your SP gets tested when she`s over and you see her (PS. Try to do it in an ``en passant``... )

    If I were you, I`d still get tested regularly, only of peace of spirit
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