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Thread: How old is too old ???

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    How old is too old ???

    Ok after I hung with a woman this morning I started to think... I have adds looking for girls in the papers and this one woman called and asked a ton of questions and explained that she had never done this type of work... After I gave her all the details and she made the choice to give it a shot I asked for her description... everything thing sounded great until she mentioned her age... Im really on the fence here and I would like to get input from everyone. I am willing to hire this woman if there is a demand for her but I told her on the phone that I would do some research and get back to her. So my question to all would be.... What is the max age you for you? I really would like to hear from everyone So if you prefer to reply via PM then please do.


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    It all depends on whom the person is & how well she's maintained herself through the years. I've seen several women in their 30's who've put numerous women in their late teens/early 20's to shame with their physical fitness & overall demeanor. I wouldn't hesitate to book such women in their 30's if their reputation warrants it. It also depends on the age of the hobbyist. If i'm in my 30's, i usually would prefer seeing women younger than me. If i'm in my 40's & 50's, seeing someone in her 30's wouldn't be such a big deal as long as she looks good for her age & has a nice personality.....i feel the older the men are, the more attention they'll pay to the woman's personality. I hope this helps answer your question a little.....and welcome back, by the way. It seems like we've both decided to 'come back' at the same time. Just in time for the Grand Prix!
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    If it's Julie Couillard hire her immediately and I guarantee you that I will be her first customer.

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    Gum Job

    Hmm, one of the hazards of getting a bj from a young woman is her teeth.....

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    So how old is she?

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    Age is in the eyes of the beholder. Age should not be a problem, ask yourself what is the age of your clients? Some of them are not spring chickens, granted they may like the young SP but can they keep up?
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    Age is nothing but a number

    Give her a chance, dont let it stop you

    If she looks good she will be booked, if she offers great service and attitude

    she will get repeats.

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    Agree with the others. Regardless of age, the body, face, and attitude are most important in this biz. If the job in question were "cubicle dweller," physical appearance would mean nothing.

    But I would use these guidelines:

    60+: I would draw the line here.

    50+: She'd have to be exceptional. Generally, by this time, most women have "lost" it. Although women are looking better at this age (Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, etc.), I would be skeptical.

    40+: I'd be less skeptical, but again, it depends on how she looks. Some women age more than others and/or stopped caring about their looks. A few wrinkles or liver spots would not bother me. A lot would.

    30+: Most women still look perfectly fine here (Sex and the City), but there are a minority of hard cases, who by this time, have aged much more than they should have.

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    One of the better looking sp's in Montreal is in her 40's. There is a well-known sp in TO who is early 50's but she is clearly the exception. I have seen them both and repeated with the one in her forties.

    I think a fair analogy is pro sports. Even Chris Chelios will have to retire some day but in the meantime he is obviously woth it to the team that's paying him.

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