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Thread: Using cellphone to check "who' on tonight"

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    Using cellphone to check "who' on tonight"

    I am having problem to use cellphone to access to XXXTASE website for checking "who's on tonight". I am not able to select the icon "who 'on tonight".
    Has anyone done this before ?

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    Flash is the problem

    xxxtase uses flash. Adobe does not support any phones with flash including smart phones such as my BB. Very annoying. As for calling them OK, it is not always convenient to place calls if you just want to see who's on - plus if Martin received all the calls for people just wanting to see who's on, he would go nuts.

    BTW, there are 3rd party flash converters on the market but haven't tried any yet.
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    In the future, we would not need cell phones to do this.

    We would use telepathy.

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