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Thread: Ideal 3-Day Span for visit?

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    Lightbulb Ideal 3-Day Span for visit?

    OK, here's an issue that I haven't seen addressed on the board. As many of us drive or fly up to Mecca for our playdates from the US, and we can often not stay on indefinitely for financial reasons, what is the best run of evenings to be there based o the girls availability?

    Tuesday through Friday, or Thursday Sunday ?

    Any thoughts? I am planning my return right now, and it seems to me that mid-week might be better due to less competition, but perhaps fewer girls work then. I welcome input from Martin, John, Chris, etc of the agencies as well.

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    Definitely Wednesday-Saturday.

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    Length of Stay???

    I was having this dilemna when trying to plan my upcoming trip to Montreal ... I just booked for the entire week just to cover all the bases Well I really won't be there Sunday night :S

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    In my recent trips with my own limitations I have been planning sat - through Mon or Sun through Tue, seems like you can get better hotel and flight fares but this is not a scientific study. The thing is ideally sat night Id like to go out but hell I dont know anybody in Mtl and so doing something that might be normal can be a let down, unless your a true social animal, but in that case you might not need to be here.

    I know this sounds gay but I wouldnt mind meeting up with other members for a night out on my next trip.

    Hey Pink - what website did you book through? Where are you going to be staying? Did you get a deal on a week stay? I think you will have a good time - Call Eleganza early in the week, they dont take reservations unfortunately and seem impossible to book if unless you call early in the week.

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