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Thread: Strike imminent at popular downtown hotels

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    Strike imminent at popular downtown hotels

    Montreal hotels could be hit by snap strike

    MONTREAL - Stalled contract talks have triggered strike votes to be held Thursday afternoon by unionized staff at two of Montreal's larger hotels, the Queen Elizabeth and the Hyatt Regency, union officials said.

    The union leadership is seeking a secret-ballot mandate by which staff would authorize a single walkout or a series of walkouts at each hotel - near the peak of the tourist season - with no prior notice to management.

    The total duration of the walkouts would for any hotel be limited to 72 hours, union officials said.

    They would be held either by way of a series of short snap strikes or all in one shot.

    A snap strike at the Queen Elizabeth, for instance, "could be (for) one hour, or four hours, or 12 hours, or 24 hours, or longer, " said Pascal Côté, president of the 600-member union there. With 1,052 rooms, the Queen E. is the largest hotel in Quebec.

    Similar secret-ballot votes to obtain the same mandates are scheduled to be held Friday among unionized staff at the Sheraton Centre and the Delta Centreville, two other large downtown-core hotels.

    The unions at all four of those hotels are part of co-ordinated contract-renewal bargaining being conducted by the Confédération des syndicats nationaux, or CSN, one of Quebec's large labour centrals.

    The campaign covers a total of 41 hotels in Quebec. They have about 5,500 unionized staff. Most of those contracts expired July 1.

    The CSN said it is initially targeting big Montreal hotels where it says it has been having difficulty obtaining improvements in local working conditions.

    Wages have yet to be discussed at any of the 41 hotels.

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    Cry baby

    It will get resolve. Same thing happen 3 years ago. CSN is putting pressure during the peak season and the hotels don't have much choice. I know from the inside that all employees in the larger chain are really well treat and have good conditions. Last time they got yearly increase over inflation rate and less workload. Now they want 5%, 4% and 4%. Tell me if you get that at your job ? and don't tell me that these hotels are bloody capitalist. I use to be on the workers' side but now I find it is getting out of hand. They always want more and do less work and at the end, it is the customer who is paying more for less service but they don't care.
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    Wow. What would happen if you show up to check in, and there's no one there?

    What would happen to your reservation? I think your reservation is only good until midnight.

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    A couple of years ago when i was in town with my buddy Andre, we stayed at the Omni & we found out at check-in that the unionized hotel staff were on strike. Administratif staff were picking up the load & were having a heck of a hectic time trying to please everyone. My room would never get cleaned until 6pm or later (sometimes 8pm) and i found out from the lady cleaning my room that she was pretty much on her own having to do this....she usually worked in the office. The strike lasted a week or so if i remember. It was chaotic, to say the least....but i felt sorry for the non-unionized staff who were forced to pick up the slack. They weren't the ones responsible for this mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday
    A couple of years ago when i was in town with my buddy Andre, we stayed at the Omni & we found out at check-in that the unionized hotel staff were on strike.
    A few years ago I met an exquisite SP who worked part-time briefly for a now defunct agency and she was working for Sheraton full-time as a housekeeper for something like $17.50 an hour.

    CSN should contact Stella to set up interviews for possible short-term employment opportunities with agencies just in case there is a strike. This would be for hotel staff who are ready, willing, and have the necessary assets and skills. Of course they would be allowed to designate off-limit hotels when they work as escorts.

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    Well this would suck if they do go on strike as I'm there for 3nights next week!! ARGH!!

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    Hyatt workers on strike

    Hyatt workers on strike:

    MONTREAL - With 10 Montreal police constables and one sergeant looking on, more than 120 employees of the Hyatt Regency Montreal hotel were evicted from a reception area just prior to 2 p.m. Friday.

    They had occupied the area with a sit-in since 9 a.m. as part of a snap strike called this morning to protest lagging contract talks. All the workers left peacefully.

    The 280 unionized employees at the downtown hotel went on strike this morning, said union spokesperson Kevin Boucher.

    "We want them (management) to come back to the negotiating table," he added.


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    Just letting everyone know this and to be careful in choosing your hotel for a stay in Montreal.

    As of now there is at least 8 hotels that employees vote in favor of a strike whenever they want to start it.

    And they could be more so just call and ask to get management to give any some sort of warranty BEFORE not to be caught your pants down. If you can.

    Well...I mean...

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    And now the staff are being suspected of making unanimous fake claims about stuctural damages to at least one of the hotels:

    Chinatown hotel balconies crumbling?

    MONTREAL - Firefighters set up barriers around the Holiday Inn in Chinatown today after a report that some of the hotel's marble balconies were crumbling.

    Montreal fire department chief of operations Éric Delorme said a 911 call came in at 8:30 a.m. reporting that parts of the balconies were falling.

    Conchi Fombuena, the hotel's general manager, said she believes the 911 call was placed by striking employees hoping to bring media attention to the hotel.

    The structures were inspected, but a barrier was still in place this afternoon afternoon on the sidewalk of both St. Urban and Viger Sts. until a scaffolding could be put in place by the city of Montreal's building inspectors.

    "The balconies are safe, but we're taking precautions," Fombuena said.

    She said the balconies in question were closed off from the hotel rooms. The hotel plans to investigate to see whether there is a problem.

    The hotel is about 15 years old, so Fombuena said she doubted there were problems with the structure.

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    Montreal Sheraton workers settle, avoid strike

    The workers earn an average of $18.39 per hour.

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    Full Strike at Hyatt

    Looks like Hyatt workers weren't able to come to terms with management, so a full blown strike is now on.

    Talks have stalled on five union demands:

    - Wage increases of five per cent a year over three years.

    - A reduced work load for housekeepers, to 13 rooms a day from 14.

    - Hire more unionized employees instead of outsourcing work.

    - Better retirement packages through contributions to a registered retirement savings plan.

    - Time off to take care of family matters, like illness.

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