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Thread: Prophylactic Protection

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    Prophylactic Protection

    There was a recent report of a possible infection on a website, on this board. Techman did the right thing ...

    AVG, the free version, is good for basic protection but will give a lot of false postives. It tends to be a little over eager. I just checked the site with three different systems and three anti-virus programs - Kaspersky, Nod32 and Avira. None of them triggered any alert. I think the site is safe.
    ... almost.

    Evildoers on the net these days are upgrading 24/7 and the reason Techman's approach was the best is because he used 3 different virus-scanning packages. You also need spyware protection. And in all cases, you need to make damned sure they are all updated (you should be updating your system and all programs on your computer, every day). is the best and safest place to grab free copies of anti-spyware stuff.

    "Let's be careful out there people!".

    (Editorially, I have to say the reaction of the website owner, attacking the poster and not once indicating they took any action at all to check to see if their website had been compromised and if it had had some drive-by malware (one need only visit a site to become infected with some viruses/spyware) installed was frustrating and disappointing. These days, it is almost to the point of it not being a matter of if, but when a system is compromised. I see them every day in my work, on all platforms. Don't get smug.

    By the way - when are MERB going to update this board software. As I understand it there were some security issues with some of the earlier versions of vBulletin).
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