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    Adult Friend Finder

    I've been reading nothing but bad reviews on the web about this web site, I'm just wondering if it ever worked for someone out here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver_kloseoff
    the lowlifes who own this site get to line their pockets
    typically all woman get on sites like these for free so many are there just to have fun and play head games.

    men on the other hand are usually looking to get laid and more than willing to throw away hard earned cash in hope of getting the gerkin wet.
    using a site like this they do get f-u-c-k-e-d but not the way they wanted
    Many years ago, I had a date with a gal from Toronto using this site.
    We went to Thursdays on Crescent, then to her room in QE and fucked.

    But like the Big man is saying... it seems she liked head games telling me she was a Chairperson for the National Sex Offender Committee. So I told her I was on parole.

    ..and I never heard anything back from her again. wonder why ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godspeed
    Yeah ! that's one reason why I would be careful with them nowadays if I were u.

    You can find many of their advertising using different photos even some of well known model, pornstar, etc... They are all link to frenchfriendfinder of course, alt, etc...

    That's why I posted 'many years ago' 7 or 8 years ago I think.

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    i was on there for some time, looking for someone that satisfied my specific yes...real women do use the site.

    is it worthwhile? i believe the ratio of men to women is something like 50 - 1
    women get bombarded with emails, while men have to pay.

    for the amount of time, money and energy invested..your better off seeing an SP IMO. no hard feelings, less BS....

    Miss Maya Blue
    Exquisite and kinky San Francisco-based

    Also available in Montreal, LA and Toronto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Maya Blue
    i was on there for some time, looking for someone that satisfied my specific yes...real women do use the site.

    I don't understand why a woman would use such a site when she can go a bar instead.

    In a bar, she can know exactly what she is getting (no pictures from 10 years ago). She doesn't need to waste her time going through all those e-mails. And she can instantly know if the guy is attracted to her.

    Any thoughts?

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