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    Arrow Need Advice Fast!!!!

    Hi folks, Here is my problem... I'm going to Montreal this weekend with a small group for a bachelor party. We have heard that there are places that are like strip clubs... except that you can get "favors". please excuse my ignorence on the subject, but my brother is getting married, and I'd like him to have a good time. I have heard of a place called Grand Prix... What is it like? is it like a brothel? what do you recommend? Where are they? (we have a car) What is the cost? etc... Please help! Thanks. Also, what are some good strip clubs downtown?

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    Quick advice.

    I do not know where you are from, but I would advise against going to the Grand Prix (I do not even know if it is still open) since it is quite a ways out of the city. You also risk getting picked up by the police on the highway if you are drinking.
    If you guys want to have a good time, I suggest you keep it low keyed, Try Cleopatras on St. Laurent and St. Catherine streets (center of town) there is no brothel services but you can touch. If you guys want any escorts, look in the Mirror newspaper there are alot of ads in the $130 to $140 per hour range and up. In the Journal de Montreal there are ads for $99 ladies. If you guys do not speak french I suggest you ask for bilingual or english speaking girls, it makes things so much easier.

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