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Thread: Telephone or e-mail

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    Telephone or e-mail


    I was wondering what people preferred to use when contacting an escort. Telephone or Internet. If you don't mind either, there is a choice for you too.

    TIP: When leaving a girl a message, state what the date is, like that she will know when you called and depending on how many days it has been, it will allow her to decide if it is appropriate to call back.

    I just had my phone off for 5 days and had a couple of messages saying: Hi Maria, I am in town and would like an appointment.

    Now, if this was today, I might have been able to see them, but I did not know because the people did not leave the date. I felt it was innapropriate to call them back since they might have called on Friday and now were perhaps busy with people in their private lives.

    I also want to use this to appologize to anyone who tries or tried to contact me by phone. I rarely take my phone with me and sometimes it is off for a good while.

    If you want to make sure to have an appointment with me, contact me through email. There are many reasons why I believe using email is better and I will explain them later. Thank you sooo much!!!

    Have fun!!

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    Lightbulb And your option is ......

    Either a Blackberry, IPhone or any phone with email. Then get guys to contact you via email

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    Here is a tip:

    To know which date a message was left in your voice mail, most of the time you can use the message envelop function (ie option 5 in most voice mail system).

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    I think phone is better for same day appointments, if you oblige those kind of requests. It is also great for letting you know what hotel room to go to if the gentleman is checking into the hotel on the same day as the appointment.

    E-mail is a valid option for pre-booking ahead of the rendezvous date only if you respond to e-mails in a timely manner. Using the phone for pre-booking is not a good idea because it opens the door to babbling gentlemen who drain everyone's time with chit chat. By limiting the phone to people you will see on the same day, the conversations will be short because you will meet him in a few hours anyways.

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    never never never will book e-mail if you don't have a phone number listed i try someone who does . but thats just me

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.bean
    never never never will book e-mail if you don't have a phone number listed i try someone who does . but thats just me
    I dont have a phone number listed... I only give it out when the appointment time, date and location is decided upon. Like that, I know the person is serious. I ask them to call one hour before our appointment to confirm everything.
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