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Thread: Blu Ray DVDs

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    Blu Ray DVDs

    well i was pleased to find a zz top concert on dvd and purchased it only to get home, open it and find out its the new blu ray format.

    i'll likely just return the dvd but any advice on buying a blu ray dvd player? are the prices reasonable now or should i wait for prices to drop? i'd want just a basic player for very occassional use.

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    Assuming you have a HD television with preferably HDMI inputs, then yes a Bul-Ray player is a great buy. It's also the only way to get high def sound like DTS-HD which is 7.1 channels of loss less sound.

    The prices are going down slowly but right now there is a good special at Futureshop on a Samsung BDP-1500 player.

    What's important about this model is that it can be updated via the internet to future standards like profile 2.0 which supports BD-Live. (interactive or exclusive content downloaded on the web). Don't buy a model that can't be updated.

    The Playstation 3 is also a good choice since the pricier model has built in wireless internet capabilities and the profile 2.0 update has been out for months.

    Regardless of which player you buy, all will still play regular DVDs and most will even upscale the resolution close to high def.

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    Yup. Ditto on the Playstation 3.

    You get an awesome game machine, as well as a Blu-Ray player.

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