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Thread: Download music

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    Question Download music

    Which web site is the best?

    Where is your fav place to download your fav music?

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    Hello I like limewire but watch out
    they have full virus there.....
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    Hi Ronnie,

    I sometimes use this website;


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    I use bittorrent personnaly.

    Less junk, viruses and missidentified content.

    If you need help just let me know here and I'll write up a little "how-to" on how to use it later this week.
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    I use torrent almost exclusively for all my downloads. I've posted a couple of tutorials on torrent here on the board. Just do a search and you will be sure to find them.

    Limewire is becoming more useless every day. Now along with the fake files, virus infected files, and just pure junk, they are pushing their own on line music store.

    With torrent I download entire artist collections instead of just one song. But if you wish, you have the choice of downloading only the song you want if you choose.

    It's worth checking out.
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    I use frostwire - similar to limewire

    I've never had an issue with viruses, but i'm sure it has them.

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    Using Google

    Google can also be used to search for media (music,video,ebook).
    Inside the search box:

    intitle:"index.of" (mp3) artist or song
    We are searching unprotected directories that people leave on the internet
    collected by Googlebot. We select the popular file extension used for music,
    mp3. And last, the artist and/or the song's name.


    intitle:"index.of" (mp3) james blunt you're beautiful
    Same example (refining search):

    intitle:"index.of" (mp3|wav|ogg) james blunt you're beautiful -inurl:html -inurl:htm -inurl:links -inurl:download -inurl:mp3
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    For something a little more legit than P2P piracy engines, you can take a look at GoMusic.

    Russian commercial site, legal in that country, but not recognized elsewhere as legit because of Russian's laws different interpretation artist's rights. Virus-free, easy downloads, low cost (0,15$US/song, 2-3$/album), secure third-party billing.

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    The best is Bit Torrent. But for rare stuff (old or uncommon), you can try Emule, i find almost everything on this. The problem with Emule is the movie. They used common movie title to hide porn movie. So whatever movie title you choose to download on this software, it's happens to be at the end, a porn movie.
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    If you are willing to pay a small monthly fee for all the music you can download and keep, click here:

    The music is listed in big directories, rock, classical, etc.

    Great value for the buck.

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    and for movies ... wich site is the best ?
    i find it very hard to find some movie on limewire ... i think they are more specialised with music then movie ...

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    the link above has movies as well.

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    Easynews is just a pay service to access usenet. Most Internet providers give you free but limited usenet access with your regular account. If someone has trouble with torrent, they will never be able to get a grip on usenet.

    Vero, if you are looking for movies, the best and easiest method is through torrent. This is a great site for movie torrents:

    axxo is a movie ripper with one of the best reputations on the net. You can be certain that anything he posts is good quality and the real thing.
    You will need a torrent client to download these of course. Bitlord is not the best client out there but I find it is the easiest one for the average user to learn to use.

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