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Thread: Election promises...Are they joking?

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    Election promises...Are they joking?

    Has anybody seen the list of election promises? Are they joking or just stupid?

    The Green Party has made all kinds of promises about tackling poverty, forgiving" half of a student loan (if they earn a degree), more grants, tax shifting etc, etc, etc,.....without ONCE giving an estimated cost for any of them.

    The Liberals have a "Green Shift" carbon tax plan. I very much doubt that the personal income tax cut will be even close to what the extra cost of a years worth of gas will be.

    The Conservatives seem to want to sell off Canada's assets to foriegn countries by allowing outsiders to own up to 49 percent of Canadian airlines, allowing foriegn countries to own Canadian uranium mines, and making recognition of foriegn skills and credentials a priority.

    And last but not least, the NDP. Outlandish promises about capping interest rates on credit cards, outlawing bank ATM fees, investigating price spikes for fuel, and "consulting" the provinces about regulations.

    I know that the only time a politician is lying is when his/her lips are moving, but geez. The Green party is full of good intentions, but the road to hell was paved with good intentions. And the potholes were filled with bullshit. Why should someone who earned a degree be allowed to skip out on paying back a loan? I assume that the degree will allow them better employment, which in turn means they will have the money to pay it back. At the same time, why should ANYBODY get a loan "forgiven"? Stephane Dion is dreaming if he thinks I'll vote to voluntarily tax myself into oblivion. Steven Harper can go fuck himself if he thinks I'll vote to sell off my own country. I have personally seen what the results of allowing Robert Milton ( an American until only a couple of years ago) to run Air Canada into the ground with a phony bankruptcy has done to the service there. Not to mention to the staff, the thousands of investors who lost a pile of money, and all the creditors who recieved pennies on the dollar. Who the hell do you represent Mr Harper? Canada? Or any foriegn nation with money? Jack Layton? If he honestly thinks that he can tell the banks and multi national credit card companies what they can and cannot charge by way of fees and rates...I'll have some of what he's smoking.

    These are stictly my opinions. I welcome your insights.

    I meant no offense to any of our American members. I am just of the belief that Canadian companies should be run by Canadians (Born and bred).
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    Well I don't necessarily disagree with you on most of what you said, however I'm curious as to why you think airlines and uranium mines are different than widget companies and iron ore mines where there are no restrictions on foreign ownership.

    Also does it make any difference to you which foreign company does the buying? Would you feel more comfortable with a Swedish (Swedish corporations surprisingly do more foreign "raiding" now than their ancestors) company owning the uranium mine than say a Chinese entity? On top of all that, I'm not sure I'm really all that anxious to own an airline these days with $100 oil.

    What differrence does it make in any event since the Saudi's and the Chinese own most of the US and Canadian debt. The Ruskies will be next, eventually spending their oil money on something other than soccer teams.

    As I said the world is a smaller place these days. As a nation that depends on exporting it's tough to be against free trade and open investment.

    The election will be interesting as there is a possibility that Quebec will again become the province that decides the outcome. For the last while they have effectively sat on the sidelines, content with the protest vote for the Bloc. The press ( to the extent you can believe them) seem to think Quebecers have gotten bored with the Bloc and are ready to return to their historical role of deciding elections.
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    No offense taken. But just be grateful at this point you do not live in the U.S., which has been destroyed by George Bush and is in peril of further destruction by John McCain.

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    Face it: the number one priority of just about every politician who ever lived was his own self interest,

    The number one talent of just about every politician who ever lived was the uncanny ability to spew bullshit without laughing out loud.

    But at least the Conservatives have their feet on the ground - everyone else belongs back in the psychedelic sixties with their ridiculous and impossible utopian promises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korbel
    Hey JC,

    So like Sarah Palin you believe in glossolalia ( speaking in tongues or incoherently speaking messages from God ), you would go to war with Russia over the country of Georgia, and you believe the we should all go to Alaska to be saved at the coming end of the world? If so...YEAH...your feet are really grounded...bwahahahahaha.


    Wrong as usual Korbstone but thanks for the laughs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5.6million
    Regarding the carbon tax. Presently the aproach is to trade credits. In other words, you come up with a project and prove (beyond doubt) that your project does less harm to the environment in your industry then you get credits that you can sell to those who don't have the capability of changing their business to the point of doing something themselves for the environment. The carbon tax will make money for the goverment and create yet another huge paper stack of all kinds of useless jobs at the goverment. The carb trading will make money for those who will find ways to scam the system at a grand scale. By the way, the carb trading is suppose to take place at the Montreal electronic stock exchange. Well, that tells me a lot. Open to frawd, controlled by the usual Quebec scum bag stock traders who the entire world by now knows not to trust at all.
    Ah yes the Carbon tax. 1st Gore invented the Internet and now this. Get ready if the Dems win. Say good bye to 33% of your income. And its not gonna make 1 bit of difference.

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    Possum Trot, I have flown with major american airlines and compared to Air Canada and West Jet, they sucked. The service was cold, impersonal and the fare structures were overly complicated, with too many transfer points. Sure, I've had crappy service with AC and WJ, but none of their ticket agents have said "So what do you want me to do about it?"-Delta in Atlanta, or "Sucks to be you"-United in Los Angeles. The stereotype about Canadians being polite rings true in comparison. As for uranium mines: With the global focus on "green energy", nuclear power plants are the wave of the future. Why sell the future now? Once the oil is gone, we could be the next source of the world's energy needs. Yes I do have concerns about who the buyers might be. I wouldn't want any country with ties to terrorism suddenly being the owners of bomb making material. Personally, I don't think ANY existing Canadian company should be sold off to the extent that Harper is proposing. A foriegn loan is one thing. A foriegn owner is another.

    Mazingerz, I think we may agree on a few things, if I correctly understand your post.
    Je pense que nous avons un couple des idees le meme.

    JoelCairo, I respect your opinion of the Conservatives, and even agree to a certain extent. The only major problem I have with them is this "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" attitude. Once you get rid of all your assets, or the rights to them, you have nothing left.
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