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Thread: Actor Paul Newman dead at age 83

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    Actor Paul Newman dead at age 83

    Newman's Own Foundation Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Paul Newman

    WESTPORT, Conn., Sept 27, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Remembering the life and legacy of Paul Newman, Newman's Own Foundation has issued a statement. The statement, from Vice-Chairman Robert Forrester, follows:
    "Paul Newman's craft was acting. His passion was racing. His love was his family and friends. And his heart and soul were dedicated to helping make the world a better place for all.
    "Paul had an abiding belief in the role that luck plays in one's life, and its randomness. He was quick to acknowledge the good fortune he had in his own life, beginning with being born in America, and was acutely aware of how unlucky so many others were. True to his character, he quietly devoted himself to helping offset this imbalance.
    "An exceptional example is the legacy of Newman's Own. What started as something of a joke in the basement of his home, turned into a highly-respected, multi-million dollar a year food company. And true to form, he shared this good fortune by donating all the profits and royalties he earned to thousands of charities around the world, a total which now exceeds $250 million.

    Paul Leonard Newman (January 26, 1925 - September 26, 2008) was an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, race car driver, racing team owner and humanitarian

    Paulís Movie Credits

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    Hello Robert 21,

    I just saw the news. Shocked. A great, great American icon has passed. Like the death of John Wayne the passing of Paul Newman feels like a America has lost a large piece of itself. Such a powerful presence, such a great name for so long. Somehow it almost seemed like he'd never die.

    Rest In Peace...Cool Hand,

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    I expected his death to be announced any day. I agree, the world has lost a true movie icon. One of the biggest names in Hollywood. I've seen many films in which Paul Newman appeared in, but can't remember them all other than my favorites such as "Cool Hand Luke", "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid", "Exodus", "The Hustler", "The Verdict" & "The Towering Inferno".

    He lived a great life & never backed away from his goals. He loved auto racing more than he loved making movies & had his own food brand (Newman's Own). He wanted to act in one more movie with Robert Redford, but they couldn't find a script both agreed on. The last movie i saw him appear in was a very good movie with Tom Hanks titled "Road to Perdition", where he played an aging crime boss.

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    Sorry to hear of his passing!! Another amazing legend leaves us.

    He never sold out and was a rebel before it became fashionable. Studio heads, years ago, told him he should stay in Hollywood, but he stayed in Connecticut anyway.The man had integrity.

    Loved all his movies.....the epitome of COOL.

    You will be missed Mr Newman.

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    A class act who will be missed by many. Newman was known as a great actor but its his charities that really amazed me.

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    he was less active in the last decade, but there were all kinds of paul newman sightings in my neck of the woods before that.

    the liquior store he used, the hot dog stand he frequented, there are many stories of paul newman behaving as an average joe about town.
    i think his real charm was that the was exactly that. he was a hard working average joe who had happened to have been blessed with great looks and a great talent. he will be missed.
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    Rip Paul Newman
    im back

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    How could i forget this classic??

    Farewell, Reggie Dunlop

    BUFFALO -- Farewell, Reggie Dunlop. Thanks for the memories.

    While the rest of society knew you as Paul Newman, Academy Award-winning actor, auto racing aficionado and a guy who made one fine salad dressing, those of us who eat sleep and breathe this sport always will remember you as the coach of the Charlestown Chiefs in the cult flick Slap Shot, the greatest hockey movie ever made.

    We won't forget how you placed a bounty on the head of noted Syracuse Bulldogs stick man Tim (Dr. Hook) McCracken, who, let's face it, had it coming to him.

    We won't forget how you put your faith in three obscure kids, the Hanson brothers, who put on the foil and poured their blood for you -- when they weren't playing with their (bleepin') toys.

    And we won't forget your dedication to Eddie Shore, old time hockey, and sucking back a few wobbly pops with the boys at the Aces.


    Oh sure, the critics will wail that your goon platoon portrayed hockey in a bad way. But ask people who were involved in the sport in the rough-and-tumble 1970s, and they will be quick to point out the movie was not far-fetched at all.

    "It's sad news," Buffalo Sabres broadcaster Harry Neale said last night upon learning of Newman's -- make that Dunlop's -- passing Friday in Westport, Conn., at age 83.

    "When the movie came out (in 1977), I was invited to the premiere in New York. Some of us got to go backstage and met him. I was always a big fan of his.

    "As for the movie, that's the way the game was like back then, especially in the minors."

    Neale would know.

    As the coach of the World Hockey Association's Minnesota Fighting Saints in the mid-1970s, Neale remembers when a trio of brothers -- Steve, Jeff and Jack Carlson -- showed up at one of the team's tryout camps.

    "They came in from northern Minnesota and terrorized the scrimmage," Neale said. "Not long afterward, we had an intrasquad game and one of them busted (Mike) Shaky Walton's nose."

    Minnesota's farm team at the time was located in Johns-town, Pa., the gritty steel-mill town where the movie was shot.

    "One time, Johnstown was in Utica and I was scouting the game," Neale said. "The three Carlsons were playing for us with Johnstown and climbed into the stands. I had to pay $200 to get them released from the police."

    Just like a memorable scene in the movie.

    Steve and Jeff Carlson would go on to play two of the Hanson Brothers in Slap Shot. The other brother was portrayed by minor leaguer Dave Hanson, a member of the Johnstown team who lived in a house there with then-teammates Paul Holmgren and Bruce Boudreau.

    "I got called up just before they started shooting the movie, but a lot of my teammates got bit roles," Holmgren, now the general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers, said last night from Philadelphia.

    "I'll tell you this: Paul Newman did a great job portraying the coach. The movie wasn't all that far off from reality.

    "It's a cult film, a classic. My kids watch it all the time."

    Reached by yesterday, Steve Carlson admitted being "very saddened" at Newman's passing.

    Said Carlson: "We weren't actors. We were hockey players and he took us under his wing and guided us to what we had to do ... He was one of the world's best actors but with us, he was just one of the boys."

    In true Slap Shot manner, Carlson then offered up some good-natured smack.

    "I made Newman what he is," Carlson said. "He was just a young pup trying to make his way in the movie business and we put him over the top."

    In the coming days, there will be many tributes written about Paul Newman, a.k.a. Reg Dunlop.

    Hopefully, following in the footsteps of Hall of Fame Charlestown sports writer Dickie Dunn, this one really "captured the spirit of the thing."

    Rest in peace, Reg.

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