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Thread: Why I write reviews

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    Why I write reviews

    Well it`s a cold and grey Monday, and lack of coin prevents me from writing a far more interesting review. Having too much time on my hands (slow day at work), thought I would kick out this thread that has been rolling around in my head.

    I was first introduced to merb by Miss Tyler, I had been in contact with her via email setting up an appointment. I ask her about some of the terminology on her web site (, daty msog, dfk). Just to show you how clueless I was at the beginning, I had know idea what those terms where about. The only one I had inkling about was ````, I knew what the bj was but could not figure what the fisrt two b`s stood for. I was coming up with ideas like ``big bad bj...maybe...I guess not``...LOL, and what the hell was daty and msog ``isn`t that simular to what you would find at a Chinese buffet...LOL. Miss tyler suggested I go to a web site called merb and she provided me with a link. Since then there have been very few days that I have not popped in to see what`s been going on.

    In the beginning I was one of the many lurkers amazed at this wealth of information (also a little pissed I had not found merb before this), and the reading was great. I will not lavish more praise on those who post enthralling reviews, I have do so in past and you know who you are (also do not want anyone having a swollen head, you know..the one with the actual brain in it). So I learnt the do`s and don`ts, not posting in the wrong section, doing searches instead of just throwing out questions and when writing a review use an existing thread rather then create a new one. I did not wish to suffer the ire of senior members. Having been inspired by the great writings of certain senior members, I decided my lurking days were over and shared my wonderful experience with Miss Tyler.

    In writing that review, it was like re-living the experience all over again. While I was typing the flood of memories came to the forefront of my mind. I did my best to explain all the vivid moments that I had experienced, and when I was finished I was quite proud of it. At first I think I was looking for approval, constantly checking out the outcall section seeing how many had read the review and looking for any replies. Hoping that guy with the monkey might pay a visit to my review and say ``good job``. Pretty sad case don`t you I did receive a few compliments that had me beaming, and feeling quite full of myself.

    There have been times where I have become slightly jaded towards merb. With all the accusations of shilling, petty bickering and the mud slinging that goes on. Hell even I got into that a little bit slamming a poster for what I thought was inappropriate behavior. I have come to realize that most things can be handled through pm`s and they are ususally misunderstandings. It was when I posted a thread on my personal weight loss that reaffirmed what I originally thought. Merb is a small community that does its best to help one another. So that is why I post reviews, I still enjoy seeing what others think of what I wrote. I definitely love to experience the moments again through writting them out. Most of all, it is helping other hobbyist out. This is not a cheap hobby and any help is always welcomed. So I hope some of my reviews have helped some of you, I know many of you reviews have helped me.


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    Very elequently said> Bravo!

    I feel the same way about MERB as being a community of which I am a part of. It is nice to feel that one belongs, especially with the sex trade being s stigmatised as it is. Here is a place where we an open up, say what we think and feel without worrying what someone might think.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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