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Thread: Man sues lotto quebec

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    Man sues lotto quebec

    Who do you think will/should win?

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    Tough luck! But it does suck! He's arguing the computer system was too slow... He should just have registered a few minutes before instead of waiting litteraly to the last second.

    If we want to push the logic the same way he does, he actually purchased the ticket when he paid for it, not when he requested it. Until the ticket print-out, it have no existence and then, until he actually pay for it, it's not his. I've never paid a ticket before I had it in my hands! This mean the ticket was still property of Loto-Québec when it exited the terminal.

    Something similar happened in Ottawa where a guy purchased a ticket for the Ottawa Hospital. He won the grand price (a house) at the last minute but, it was found later the credit card he used to purchase the ticket was declined or his check bounced, I can't remember exactly. The guy didn't get the house.
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