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    Smile Remembering......................

    During the last few years number of members here and elsewhere have asked me about how things were years ago in the Montreal Sex Scene. As time permits - entering my busy season, I will look back at various eras, experiences, topics and try to put them in the context of today.

    My first glimpse of the Montreal Sex Scene was as a youngster almost three.The family lived within walking dstance of St. Laurent and Ste. Catherine. To the south, less than half way down the block, was a brothel.

    My father used to take me for a walk virtually everyday in 1955 and my mother used to insist that we go north. The times when we would return from the south my mother would get upset. Did not understand why but figured it had something to do with the building where people were coming and going.

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    Smile Curious

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxima
    Sir, you're of the same generation as my parents.
    Quoting The Who "My Generation". Curious were your parents newcomers to Canada.

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