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Thread: Should I be careful ?

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    Should I be careful ?

    I am a fan of this board and have based most of my visits to MP's on the comments I had found here. Which brings me to my question, which I hope belongs here.
    For the last few months, I've been very interrested in a maseuse called Zia (, whom I find very, very attractive. The only thing is that despite her superb looks (very nice redhead), her stunning body, her smile and the fact she's 25 y.o., she's just received a few reviews here. I mean, very few. After months in the business, her thread doesn't even have a page 2.
    I know that I, for one, should have gone myself and written after, and I haven't done either so far, I admit it.
    But still, my question is: should I be careful with this one, or am I just too parano´d ? Should I worry that she's a cop, or a reporter, or that her boyfriend will be in the closet waiting to beat the s*** out of me the minute I take off my clothes ?
    I hope I don't sound too weird. It's just that, after reading you guys for many years now, I just find a little suspect that what, to me, looks like the real jackpot doesn't make any of you talk at all. And since I've trusted you since the beginning...

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    Not every merbite writes reviews after sessions

    I would say most dont

    Alot like to keep gems for themselves in fear of having the girl be

    so busy from other clients that he wont be able to see her as

    often as he would like.

    Be a man take one for the team

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    Afetr just a few months in the business and she already even has 1 review.. that is a good sign I would think. I did not have any reviews for the first 6 years.
    There are people here who TOFTT all the time and not always is it a bad experience.
    If her reviews are nice.. then I say don't worry and give her a shot.

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    First, thanks to both of you.
    Second, I have no idea how, but the e-mail address I put in my first post changed since I put it up. Really weird.
    The right address for her is not, but
    Thanks again,

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