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Thread: best drink to get horrny

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    Wink best drink to get horrny

    to me its few ......Grand Marnier......

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    When I was totally immersed in my post-secondary studies we used to call Vodka "Panty Remover".

    But for yourself as Shakespeare said:

    “It provokes the desire but it takes away the performance. Therefore much drink may be said to be an equivocator with lechery: it makes him and it mars him; it sets him on and it takes him off.”

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    Grey goose got the girls feelin' loose

    I personally dont need a drink to get horny

    I need a drink to get un-horny

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    i am guessing the cent-cinque (150 year old) grand marnier with the hand painted bottel would really do the trick for you and your lady friend heretoread?
    for me...i think a grey goose tumbler. this is vodka straight with a viagra pill floating in the mix.
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    I'm going to say Water.

    Who doesn't like Water?

    ;-) CWipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Cloe
    So I've noticed
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebitchelor
    sangria!! just enough make me very horny ...too much make me sleepy
    Does Cleo sell sangria?

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    DRY red wine..

    But I am surprised no one mentioned fluids from our own bodies.. they can hornify me anytime!

    Smile and the world will smile with you

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    I think a great bottle of wine

    Something easy to drink on it's own, without a meal. However, if the conversation isn't very good, that would be a waste of wine!


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    Fresh made Mojito's......... the smell of mint leaves & lime being muddled, really gets things rolling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebitchelor
    sangria!! just enough make me very horny ...too much make me sleepy
    Hello B,

    I thought it was just being alive for you.


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    If you go to Haitian stores, there's a mix they make with dry leaves/plants and alcool. Of all known aphrodisiac drinks I tried, that one was the real deal

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    For me, anything with Vodka -


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    For me.... Can't be just the drinks... Music in the back ground..... Good talks... That just helps lead up to a great night..... But the drink that I love most..... It's similar to sangria and I'm not sure if I'd even spell it right but here we go... Angria.. It's made with more then just one type of red/white wine, and the jus not just the ypical ones that you find in sangria... Anyway that's just my two cents.....

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