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Thread: Best method for getting HABS TIX+ BOX COST.

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    Best method for getting HABS TIX+ BOX COST.

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know the best way to get HABS seats for reasonable prices. A friend of mine said well just wait in line the 15 fo every month they release them then. There is also ticetmaster which will probably Fu*K me for all my moola.

    1.IS there another suggetion?

    2.Also not that I can probably affoard it, but how does one figure out how much do boxes go for?

    3. DO you own the box for the season of you buy it ?

    4. Are there people that will sell box seats for and individual event?

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    Private boxes are usually rented for the year. This includes all events depending on the location of the loge and, also depending on the location of the loge, they can run to about 250 thousand per year. This does not include any food or refreshments or the cost of a hostesse for the event. For example a case of 24 beer costs around $110 to the 'owner' of the loge when I looked at an order form when I was there for Bon Jovi.

    I don't think you will find loge seats sold separately for events but there are on occasion loges available for individual events such as concerts. I doubt that there are ever any available for Habs games.

    If you want more detailed information I could get it for you.

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    How can one person , and I know some pretty successful people pay a quarter mill every season. I mean that is like a Ferrari every year.
    I remember going to the nose bleed section a long time ago and I remember passing a BMO/ Dejardin box presumably the company paid for all of that. Nice to know where investor money is going. You also said depending on where the loge is, does that mean there are some boxes not available for every event (even if your are paying that amount of obscene money).

    By the way how many seats are there, maybe a group of friends can buy one?
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    Many events such as concerts, are not visible from the entire Bell Center. A large number of the boxes are behind the stage and therefore useless. For shows in what is called the 'Theatre Bell' I would say that almost half of the boxes are closed. Even for a maximum capacity concert, about a third of the boxes are dark.

    I assume that those units are much cheaper than those that can be used for every event. There are also two levels of luxury box. The more expensive ones are located at the top of the red seats, under the 'Club section'. The higher level boxes are probably lower cost. All the units were renovated in the last year and they all have Samsung widescreen hi def screens to watch the game on if you wish. The screens, as well as the lights in the box, are powered off automatically during concerts and shows.

    It's great to have the space and especially your own toilet. For hockey games it's amazing. For concerts it's still great but you miss the interaction with the crowd. But it's still hard to beat.

    As far as I know, most of the boxes are rented by corporation's. I can't see a private individual paying the price for a yearly lease on a loge. They are usually used for entertaining clients and sometimes are auctioned off for special events with the proceeds going to charity.
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    Ok that takes care of the box what about red seat I believe that the most coveted are behind the habs bench? How much do those run for ?
    1. Do you have to wait in a line to get them?
    2.As well, how much of a premium does the admissions network get over the actual ticket cost (which they pass along I guess)
    3. Is it easy to get reds behind the habs bench?

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    It seems that there are boxes available for Habs games. Prices are here:

    EDIT: And forget tickets in the reds. They were sold out before the season started and most are season tickets. About the only way to get one is through a ticket broker or scalper.
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    Other Benefits

    Guys I need a little more straightening out, about perks associated with games.

    1. Is there any difference between club Desjardin "A" and "B" (guessing food)

    2. In Desjardin "A" What kind of foods are served, I think someone told me unlimited smoke meat and pizza +soft drinks please confirm (both quantity of food allowed and type of foods offered).

    3. Am I allowed to have the food in my seat while I watch the game or only
    during the intermissions.

    4.My parents told me a long time ago that if you had season tickets or had a company BOX, you had access to a "special bar or club" for season holders
    does this hold true today at centre bell?

    5. Are there any other odd perks that may be available (that has not been mentionned in this post given appropriate moola spent IE if you rent a box you can have 2 parking spaces for the evening. etc.

    thank you in advance.

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    I can answer 3 and 5 for you.

    3. yes, you can bring the food to your seat. No problems there.

    5. The only perk I know of with the box is the 2 parking spots. Everything else you have to pay for. Food is extra and so is a hostesse.

    For question 1, I think the only difference is the location. And for 2, I think the food is just the general fare served downstairs. Nothing special. Beer, of course, is not included.
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