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Thread: Life sucks

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    Life sucks

    It fucking sucks!!!

    So I have this Sunday free for hobbying. I make an appointment last Friday but when I confirm this afternoon it turns out she's sick. Understandable.

    Emergency phone calls, turns out my 2nd and 3rd choices arenít available. Fine.

    I call Jacques, hoping for some last minute gem. I make an appointment and wait 2 hours. The girl's late but they call to explain. Cool. 30 minutes later, she shows up. I open the door, she smiles, and then turns around and bolts, saying something about having to make a call. She never came back. And she was very cute!

    Jacques, when I called for an explanation, offers no apology, claiming perhaps we didnít click. I was well groomed and well dressed, totally sober. Okay, I'm different from most folks (race, religion, disability, age, I'm not saying on this board how I'm different) but I had told Jacques and he had assured me there wouldnít be a problem.

    By the end of this ordeal, it's too late for me to make other plans. I had been looking forward to this day for a week and now I'm very pissed, suprisingly not about the lack of sex though. Venting here is actually soothing me, thanks Merbites!

    Oh, and to top it all off I get an email from my boss saying he needs urgent work done for tomorrow morning.

    Life fucking sucks!!!
    Hey! What kind of party is this? There's no booze and only one hooker.

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    You could have had your best friend die in your hands. Happened to someone i know, and it changed him.

    Somehow he's much more balanced since then.

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