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Thread: price adjustments

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    price adjustments

    you would think that with the economic crisis that the rates for the girls would also be price adjusted - downward.

    Some may say that Canada will not be hit as hard as the usa but we will and are already feeling the pinch.

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    Ah!! the days of $280.00 for two hours that were specials put out by some agencies, those were the days.

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    The economy may be going downard but the USD is climbing against the CDN, which is favorable to those coming from the US for the hobby. Also don't forget that hotels are beginning to offer better deals (or so I heard), so there is money saved there too.

    However, I am sure that agencies and SPs would adjust their rates if they feel they are not making enough money.If you look at the advertiser's section, almost every agency is having some sort of special MERBites can take advantage of. I have even seen some Indies slash $25-$50 off of their two-hour rates through special offers. You should keep in mind though that SPs and agencies that are on top of their game will be in demand no matter what. Some hobbyists just can't put a price on a good fuck.

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    I'm not sure where prices will go. We are seeing the usual late fall specials, when tourism is lower and it's getting cold, people party a bit less....
    If there is a price adjustment, I don't think we'll see it till its been much longer, at least till next spring. Agencies will continue with specials instead, which make you think you "save" money...

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