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Thread: Missing Vegas style SP scene.

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    Missing Vegas style SP scene.

    I love vegas, the SP waiting near the elevator, that look they give you etc.

    I'll likely use an agency while in town, but want to see if there was a better place to grab a drink or two while in town.

    I've been to Thursdays in the past, based on a recommendation, but I was there too early. No one was in the club but the bartenders.

    Anyone have some suggestions? Hotel Bar, reg Bar or club?

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    Hang around the tables at the MGM Grand or Caesars Palace. A single guy at the tables at night is a sure hit. Get ready to unload your wallet. Bargain your price, you'll be surprised... it still won't be cheap but it'll be cheaper.

    Have fun!

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    Nice start! Some efforts can go a long way... Gimme, gimme......

    Here`s what I found in about 30 seconds in searching the lounge...

    There`s probably other threads about bars where one can just "hang-out". All it requires to find them is reading and using the search function.

    Wait! Are you talking about Montreal scene or Vegas? My bet is, for Vegas, you`d be better starting by asking on a Vegas board...
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    With 1800 post, I'm sure you know that correct way and terms to use for searching. Sorry I dissappointed you with my skills. "Pick-Up"/Hangout was not what would cross my mind.

    You win title for best google.

    I was looking for places in Montreal. I would post in the usasexguide forums for vegas.

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