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Thread: Sexy Outfits / Jeans and a Halter Top

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    Sexy Outfits / Jeans and a Halter Top

    All I have to say is WOW. You guys are amazing, the response I have been getting is very encouraging and exciting. As the days grow nearer, I will do my very best to send all the ones who sent me messages a message of opening day.

    I will be a merb advertiser real soon (paypal takes forever to setup)

    For now, I need more input. How do you like your escorts to dress.

    Here goes:

    Sexy outfit

    Regular cloths (jeans T-shirt / cut off top)

    Thanks again for all your input. I will make it up to you all by having quality girls for reasonable prices.

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    3 things that are more important to me than any outfit.....

    01) If she is wearing nail polish that it be well maintained. (It drives me insane to see a girl with chipped nail polish or when she has outgrown her manicure).

    02) For the love of god, carry a tiny toothbrush/toothpaste/listerine in your purse. Believe me no guy will object if you take 2 min out of his session to go freshen up.

    03) If a girl is to wear hosiery.....NO HOLES. God that is like wearing underwear with holes in it.

    Oh and do you know what the #1 best selling point for a girl is? SMILE when you walk in the room. Act happy to see the guy. A big smile will get you more repeat client than a . Any girl can suck a dick.....but not that many can make a guy feel like they are sucking HIS dick and that he`s ``special``.

    Finally, yea a nice tight pair of jeans looks great. (unless of course you`re meeting the client at an upscale restuarant).

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    I'm a sucker for short shorts and either a cut-off t-shirt or halter top.

    A lady walks into my room wearing that and it may very well be a 5 min. session. ;-)
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    It is important to note where the girl is meeting the client. I was once in the Chateau Champlain in the winter and this girl was waithing for her lift wearing extra low rise jeans, a cut off shirt, open toe sandals and a flimsy jacket. With a little too much make up. No class, she should be able to blend in rather that stand out as an SP. Who wants to advertise that they are seeing a prostitute? Yes shorts and what not are great but it all depends on where she is meeting the client.

    and that is my two cents worth,

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    Escorts shouldn't look like streetwalkers, plain and simple. If they are going to a classy upscale hotel, they should be dressed in keeping with the destination.

    Clean, somewhat sexy, but not so much as to make the counter people in the hotel say "look, there is a worker".

    If she is going to where something sexy, put it under a longish jacket or coat, so she can remove the coat just before knocking on the door. least amount of fuss and keeps things discrete.


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    A 'classy' look always does it for me. Nothing 'too' revealing when she's walking through the lobby. Nothing too trashy-looking.

    I also totally agree with the dude from Chicago regarding the toothbrush and toothpaste. So many encounters are nearly ruined by either bad breath or nicotine breath. I've heard more than one hobbyist state: "She looked great and her performance was incredible. But, as we were kissing......"

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    Originally posted by naughtylady
    ......she should be able to blend in rather than stand out as an SP.....
    Ronnie followed her own advice when she came to see me in January. Here's what I said in my review:

    Originally posted by Avery
    Ronnie arrived right on time, looking very much like a horny librarian.
    May your genitalia never fail ya.

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    I agree with all the above. I think it would be cool if the girls dressed for the occasion, such as a quiet night at home, she can arrive as your girlfriend would, a nice tight pair of jeans and a sexy top. The ultimate GFE...heheh

    And, when the occasion calls for it, evening wear or something a little more intimate or sexy....

    Keep it coming boys / girls this is good stuff.


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    I like a girl that is very hygenic. When a girl is leaving your hotel for the next call and you see that she does not wash or shower it is concerning. I always offer what ever I have to give(shower etc) to be a good host.
    As far as clothes go..I gues something that shows off their beauty w/out being over the top. (sorry for the vagueness-spelling?).

    So is this agency going to be open for my trip next week?? Or will I have to wait for my next visit in July?

    I wish you luck!


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    Sexy dress, make-up, smell good + pantyhose, or stockings (relatively new pair)

    without a doubt!

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    As someone who is so hygiene conscientious, I find it alarming when I am received by a gent who isn’t freshly showered and groomed (including a good toothbrushing) for our rendez vous. As all hobbyists should expect their company to be immaculately clean and presentable, should we companions not expect the same courtesy in return?

    The entire time we are together will definitely be heightened by taking that extra few minutes to properly prepare for our intimate encounter.

    Miss Tyler

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    Originally posted by misstyler2003
    Since the lovely Miss Tyler has posted this message in a couple of different threads now, I guess this is an important issue for her. I would have thought that customer cleanliness would be a given at the higher end of the business, where she operates. Perhaps I'm being naive.
    Give this job to...Clemenza.

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    Most of the time it is not an issue. However, it has happened on occasion (shockingly..three of four times now!) where I was greeted by an individual who clearly had NOT recenty showered, nor brushed his teeth. Being a non-smoker, I am very sensitive to taste and smell, and really do not enjoy kissing an ashtray!

    And yes, it definitely is an extremely important issue to me, as it should be to all hobbyists and companions.

    Miss Tyler

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    Dressing appropriately

    I must agree with all the above points. When I have seen a lady in Montreal, I was nervous that the frontdesk would know what she was doing there and follow her to my room. If I want her to dress a certain way, I pass my request to the owner. When she arrives, I give the lady time to change into the outfit I requested. Then we talk and move on.

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    Originally posted by EagerBeaver
    A more legitimate concern is being inadverantly walked in on by hotel staff because you forgot to post your "Do Not Disturb" sign. I have had this happen - been walked in on. It's embarassing of course, but I am sure they have seen it before.
    I've had hotel security knock on my door because another client had complained about the noise. Now THAT'S embarassing! Teach me not to choose shriekers!

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