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Did you know?


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Following a recent suggestion of StripperLover, I hope these "Did you know?" little tricks will help...

View New Posts

Did you know there was a "View new posts" link right below your handle in the top right corner of the main page? Click it and you will see a list of all the posts since your last visit, regardless of the section they were posted in. It might prove very useful to avoid missing useful information posted in an unexpected section.

Search Feature

Did you know about the "Search" feature? It is located right below the banner in the upper right corner. It will allow you to find any post on this board containing a specific serie of words, of locate the posts done by a specific member. Please use it!

Search Feature (bis)

Did you know that the search feature can highlight very specific posts as opposed to entire threads? For example, when searching for a girl`s review that may appear in a mega-thread (like SatinDreamz` thread), simply make sure to select "Show result as posts" in the search options section (lower left of the search window).

Please leave this thread clear of any discussion, in order to keep it dedicated to little tricks useful to all. I will add new tricks from time to time.

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