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Thread: whats the best motel on st-hubert street

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    whats the best motel on st-hubert street

    to hear people fucking and noises just like that it can be a crack hotel juste give me the name thx

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    That's not a bad question.

    Is there any other good hotels that have an additional bonus soundtrack?

    I'm looking to visit for a few days and need a decent pooning hotel.

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    heyx thx there

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    Just be careful of the girls that you try to call, because I can name quite a few that will not even think of seeing a client that cannot bring her to place classier than that.
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    Yhea but, if the guy is from that area, with no car and a wife, and only money for a room or a girl but not both? He'll take the room and imagine he's the one making the soundtrack!

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    they have rooms starting at $65 a night. Much better than anything on St-Hubert IMHO.

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